Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 23, 2009

Doctors in Mongolia are baffled by a 19-year-old girl who has been eating mud every day for 12 years but is perfectly healthy.  ***MARLAR: If swallowing mud were bad for you, I would’ve been dead long ago from drinking the radio station’s coffee.

A London hospital is now offering juggling lessons to employees to help them handle stress. The hospital also gives its 6,000 employees the chance to learn aroma therapy, yoga and massage techniques. Health chiefs say the month-long initiative is aimed at helping staff be happy, because a “happy staff is a better staff”. ***MARLAR: Doctors plan on using the new techniques to juggle more patients and find more balance on the golf course.

First thing in the morning after breakfast, what do you do… you look for the weather, right? Now you won’t have to! A college kid has designed a toaster that will burn your forecast directly into your toast!  The toaster connects to the Internet, downloads information, and then changes the burn pattern on your toast depending on what the forecast is.  ***MARLAR: So if it comes out soggy, you know to break out the galoshes. 

Elephants have great memories? Ha! They haven’t tested against ants! Ants can remember how they got through a maze if there was food at the other end.  ***MARLAR: It’s their amazing memory that also enables them to score so well on short answer tests.

Zerkalo Tizhden newspaper reports that a Ukrainian toy manufacturer is marketing a 16-inch Adolf Hitler doll with movable arms. He also comes with accessories, such as his loyal dog Blondi; and a selection of outfits, including “early days Adolf” with brown shirt and jodhpurs, and “wartime Adolf” with gray tunic and Iron Cross medal.  ***MARLAR: He’s already declared Malibu to be part of Germany and taken over Barbie’s Dream House.

A ski resort in Australia claims they can turn treated sewage into snow that is so clean, you can eat it. ***MARLAR: Gee, you think your job is bad – imagine being an Australian snow taste-tester!

An electricity company in Russia says the Russian Navy hasn’t paid its bills and has started cutting off power to certain units. ***MARLAR: Wow, no wonder we won the Cold War – they couldn’t afford to power the furnace!

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