Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 25, 2009

Two British university professors announced that their study of 80,000 I.Q. tests and 20,000 students shows that on average, men are five I.Q. points smarter than women.  ***MARLAR: Which is obviously incorrect, because if men were truly that smart they would NEVER have stated it within earshot of women.  British university professors obviously don’t date much.

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that it was unconstitutional for a cop investigating a loud party to walk into a bathroom where he heard a woman vomiting and then arrest her for underage drinking.  ***MARLAR: Unconstitutional?  Is there an amendment guaranteeing the right to hurl?

A new study shows that square dancing can add ten years to your life. Researchers say it combines all the positive aspects of intense physical activity with none of the negatives. It’s a low impact activity that requires constant movement, and all the direction changes keep the body well toned. ***MARLAR: This is like choosing the lesser of two evils.  Sure you get ten extra years to your life by square dancing, but you’re square dancing.

It’s county fair season, and that means the strange food creations are back.  One of the newest – a potato-based food in Manhattan, Montana; mashed potato ice cream.  ***MARLAR: Finally, the perfect food: something you can top with both chocolate sauce AND gravy!

In many parts of the nation, kids head back to school this week.  ***MARLAR: There’s nothing more challenging and rewarding than teaching a student to read for the first time.  The 12th grade is a gratifying experience.

Could lipstick help you lose weight? Glenn Mouser is the vice president of research and development for Omega Tech Labs, says YES!  He makes a lip balm called Promise and Stop, and he claims the lip balm works because of the transdermal effectiveness. Every time you lick a little off, the active ingredients go to work. They also enter the blood stream through your skin and mouth.  ***MARLAR: The hard part is trying to look cool in front of your coworkers while applying lipstick or licking it off… and your name is Hank.

Researchers at Yale University say that chocolate may be good for pregnant women.  ***MARLAR: Especially if used as a pickle dip.

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