Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: December 28, 2010



Researchers believe they have discovered the “Holy Grail” of anti-aging, and say a pill that will add decades to our lives will be on store shelves in two years.  Professor Vladimir Skulachev, a Russian scientist from Moscow State University, said the drug would stop the aging effects of oxygen on body cells, thus adding years to our lives.  ***MARLAR: The question is – with this economy – do you WANT to live longer?

Did you know that 27,000 is the number of trees that toilet paper “wipes” out every single day.  ***MARLAR: It’s true.  Unless, that is, you live with Sheryl Crow.

We’ve all seen the TV commercials for Axe Body Spray where a guy sprays himself and is then suddenly attacked by females.  The campaign seems to be powerful enough that now teenage boys are spraying themselves constantly, causing classrooms to be unbearable, and causing some problems for kids with asthma.  Some schools in Nebraska are considering bans on body sprays, and in Canada one middle school already has the ban in place.  ***MARLAR: Meaning the only thing you may smell from the guys is their B/O.


If your derriere is large, that could actually be good for your health! The specific type of fat that accumulates around the hips is called subcutaneous fat, which is fat that collects under the skin, and it appears to fight type 2 diabetes, according to researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston.  ***MARLAR: Well, I’m a lot healthier than I thought I was.  And apparently so is our neighbor-lady.

A Romanian woman has revealed an entire wardrobe that she has made herself, using her own hair. The woman has made herself a raincoat, blouse, skirt, waistcoat, hat, shawl, handbag and purse. ***MARLAR: She wanted to make a pair of pajamas as well, but nobody likes to wake up with bed head.

A family in York, England, has spent $1500 on four operations and brain surgery to save the life of their pet rabbit. ***MARLAR: How lucky can a rabbit’s foot be if you have FOUR of them and still need brain surgery?

A study by Britain’s University of Durham found that the key to happiness is to be self-employed. On average, entrepreneurs work longer hours than corporate employees, make less money and worry more about the future. However, that is more than offset by their independence, flexibility of hours and time spent with their families, so they have greater job satisfaction and are less likely to want to retire in their 60s. ***MARLAR: Why retire when you’re already sitting at home in your underwear all day?

In Britain, The Sun newspaper has reported that staff at the Department for Work and Pensions in Wales are refusing to wear their identity badges. Why? Well, apparently the title of the department has been shortened to DWP, which in Welsh means “stupid.”

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