Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: February 11, 2011

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Did you know:  Just as some people talk in their sleep, sign language speakers have been known to sign in their sleep.  ***MARLAR: If you sleep with a  deaf person, if they talk in their sleep they might poke your eye out.

Offering downsized meal portions in addition to normal ones at cafeterias may help some people cut their calorie intake, Dutch researchers say.   They say the smaller portions could work in other settings, too, and might help curb obesity, although it’s too soon to know if people compensate by eating more the rest of the day.  The report, published in the International Journal of Obesity, is the first to look at how people’s eating behaviors change if smaller meals are made easily available — both with and without a corresponding price cut. ***MARLAR: Wait a minute… so if I eat less, then I’ll consume fewer calories?  Gee – who’d a thunk it?!?

Florida police are trying to figure out how a 5-year-old boy came into possession of a loaded handgun that he dropped inside a pre-kindergarten class.  The teacher at Moseley Elementary School in Palatka was giving a music lesson when she noticed the small, .22-caliber handgun fall out of the boy’s pocket. The firearm did not go off, and no one was hurt.  But the boy, along with the gun, were promptly brought to school administrators. The boy told authorities that he found the firearm inside the vehicle that he had come to school in and then brought it to music class.  ***MARLAR: In case you are curious, a handgun is considered a percussion instrument.

Kids who have their tonsils removed seem to gain weight after the surgery and may be more likely to become overweight compared to children who never went under the knife, a new study suggests.   In the research published in the February issue of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, scientists reviewed data from nine different studies spanning a 40-year period, before arriving at their conclusion.  ***MARLAR: Could it be that it’s not the surgery that makes kids fat, but all of the ice cream that’s shoved down their throats afterwards?


The latest equality laws from European Union bureaucrats are sparking protests. The new anti-discrimination laws will make it illegal for anyone to stipulate in ads that they want a roommate of the same sex. Critics say widows and divorcees will be afraid to rent out their homes, and battered women’s shelters will have to take in men.  The laws will also force women to pay 40 percent more for car insurance, since it’s not fair that they pay less than men just because they have fewer car accidents. ***MARLAR: Apparently, “equality” means everyone gets run over equally.

In Milford, New Hampshire, a small teddy bear dropped into a government-run fish hatchery and killed all 2,500 rainbow trout. Dressed in a yellow raincoat and matching hat, the assassin bear pulled off its silent massacre by suffocation, clogging a drain and blocking oxygen flow to the pool. According to Fish and Game Department supervisor Robert Fawcett, this is the first time a teddy bear has struck hatchery fish.  ***MARLAR: Paddington has pleaded “innocent.”

Would you be making more working somewhere else? Now, you can peer over to the other side of the cubicle. A new Web site called Glassdoor.com is revealing salary info from hundreds of major employers. The site also posts anonymous reviews written by current and past workers. Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman says they believe it’s “super important” to help people find jobs “where they can go home happy at the end of the day.” While access to the site is free, there is a catch. To see the juiciest info, users have posted their own salaries and feelings about their bosses.  ***MARLAR: This would be just a site for venting for me.  (Type, type type) “And this is what kind of a jerk my boss has been today…” (Type, type, type.)

16-year-old counterfeiter James Kirk has been charged with 10 felony counts of first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument after making phony $20 bills on a copying machine. James was caught after passing the counterfeit bills in his school cafeteria and at a local Wendy’s.  ***MARLAR: But then, nobody should be surprised to find that a boy named James Kirk ended up being a space case.

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