Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: February 17, 2011

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Best Buy is planning to add 12 vending kiosks inside major airports across the country as part of a pilot program called “Best Buy Express.” The machines will stock cell phone and computer accessories, digital cameras, portable data storage devices, headphones, travel adapters, chargers and other gadgets. The self-serve kiosks will be installed by the end of the month in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and San Francisco.  ***MARLAR: And just like the store, if you have any problems or questions you’ll be unable to find an employee to help you.

It was one long kiss for a couple – one record-breaking embrace for mankind.  A determined Thai couple locked lips for 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the southern beach resort town of Pataya, Thailand, emerging victorious after a “kissathon” organizers claim marked the longest recorded smooch in history.  The previous record of just over 32 hours was set in 2009 by a couple in Germany.  ***MARLAR: The new record-breaking couple would’ve stopped at 33 hours, happy to break the old record, but they went on for an additional 13 hours waiting for someone to deliver a box of Tic-Tacs.

Authorities say a Florida teen has told police that bite marks on her body came from “Twilight”-inspired vampire role playing – not from someone who attacked her while she was out jogging.  The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has charged the 15-year-old girl with making a false report.  Authorities say the girl is a fan of the vampire-based “Twilight” movies and books. The sheriff’s office says the girl had engaged in “fantasy biting” with a 19-year-old man in August and worried her mother would see the marks. She told her mother she had been attacked while jogging.  When deputies couldn’t find evidence of the attack, the girl eventually revealed the truth.  ***MARLAR: That she had absolutely no social life whatsoever.

Police in the southern Louisiana city of Houma say a woman upset over her lack of freezer space allegedly hit her boyfriend in the face with a frozen beefsteak.  Police told The Courier newspaper that 47-year-old as Edith Verdin was booked with aggravated battery against 51-year-old Jerry Voisin.  Police say Voisin called police on Sunday evening and told them Verdin was trying to cool a mixed drink and became upset when it wouldn’t fit in the freezer.  ***MARLAR: Although, removing that frozen beefsteak probably did open up a little space.


A Seattle judge ordered a man to pay a record $45,000 damages after his dog killed a neighbor’s cat, a total of $15,000 for emotional distress and $30,000 for the value of the cat.  ***MARLAR: Where is this judge buying her cats?

A Swedish woman swallowed a toothbrush after trying to scratch an itch in the back of her throat. Doctors found it lodged above the entrance to her stomach. They managed to remove the toothbrush and send her and her toothbrush home. ***MARLAR: She was trying to get where the bad breath starts!

It would take a spacecraft traveling at the speed of light more than four years to reach the closest star. ***MARLAR: So if you make the trip you might want to pack a lunch because you’ll need more than a bag of honey roasted peanuts.

A survey by Solutions Research Group found 63% of Blackberry owners have used their PDA in the bathroom.  ***MARLAR: And the other 37% are dirty rotten liars.

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