Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: February 17, 2011

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Hungary’s notorious octogenarian thief is not ready for retirement.  The 84-year-old woman, known as “Flying Gizi,” whose criminal record goes back to the 1950s, is again in custody for suspected theft.  Fejer County Police spokeswoman Agnes R. Szabo said the burglar, whose real name is Gizella Bodnar, is suspected of taking some 15,000 forints (about $75) from a home in Bicske, a town in central Hungary.  Bodnar, who has been convicted of over 20 crimes and has spent nearly 18 years in prison, got her nickname because she enjoyed taking domestic commercial flights after successful break-ins.  She eluded capture for years, as police never imagined that the cat burglar would travel so far to commit her crimes.  ***MARLAR: The 84-year-old woman will be sentenced to ten days in prison, or a life sentence… whichever comes first.

Can your iPad or iPhone bring you closer to God? A new application for the devices aims to help Roman Catholics who haven’t been to the confessional booth in a while keep track of their sins, one Commandment at a time.  “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” costs $1.99.  ***MARLAR: “Bless me iPhone, for I have sinned.  My last confessional text was six minutes ago…”

A George Washington University student complained to campus officials about swastikas showing up on her dorm room door.  To catch the culprit, the university installed a hidden camera by her door. The camera was all they needed… to discover that the Jewish student who complained was the one drawing the swastikas.  ***MARLAR: She plans on suing herself for discrimination.

German doctors have succeeded in transplanting two complete arms onto a 54-year-old man in what the Munich hospital said was the world’s first operation of its kind. The surgery took 15 hours and a team of 40 doctors and support staff. The recipient was a farmer who lost both arms in an accident six years ago. One of the main obstacles for full-arm transplants is finding donors.  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, he had to lose one of the arms again, and then a leg, just to pay for the surgery.


A two-year-old boy dining at a California Applebee’s was mistakenly served a margarita in his sippy cup.  ***MARLAR: The parents knew something was wrong when their child suddenly did absolutely nothing to embarrass them.

If you get a tattoo, be prepared for this little known side effect: The skin in that area will become less sensitive to touch reports New Scientist. A small study suggests that the tattooing process may disrupt the nerve signals to the skin.  ***MARLAR: So as touching as it may be to have “MOM” tattooed on your arm – it actually makes you less-feeling.

Mary Bussey of Denver, Colorado, looked up to see an 8-month-old baby dangling off a third floor balcony and hanging on by one tiny fist. Luckily that little kid held on just long enough for Mary to get under him, and she made a miraculous catch.  Police say the 17-year-old mother left the child in the care of her two younger brothers while she went to work.  The boys had left the door open and the baby had managed to crawl onto the balcony. The baby is now back with its mother, but under close watch of social services.  ***MARLAR: And now you know why catchers often oil their mitts with baby oil.

A new study indicates that just about “everybody is doing it” – that is, checking personal e-mail and surfing the ‘Net while on the clock — and that includes bosses.  R. Kelly Garrett (one of the study’s authors and a professor at Ohio State University) says the study finds personal Internet use isn’t limited to slackers. ***MARLAR: Yeah… so stop bugging me when I’m playing World of Warcraft.  It’s for the betterment of the company.

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