Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: January 18, 2011


The menu at a Florida eatery called Sublime offers everything from meat loaf to pork tenderloin. But there’s a twist. The upscale restaurant is vegan and doesn’t actually serve meat. The fake steaks and chops are made from things like fermented soybeans and concentrated wheat gluten. Diners at the Fort Lauderdale restaurant can also sample caviar for about 20 bucks. But instead of fish eggs, they’re eating seaweed. Sublime owner Nanci Alexander says she opened the restaurant in 2003 to help human carnivores stop eating meat. She hasn’t turned a profit yet. But Alexander says if she ever does, she’ll donate the money to the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. ***MARLAR: And take a wild guess as to what their salads are made of!  Yeah… lettuce.  (What’d you think a salad would be made of?  Sheesh!)

Cashing in on the anti-aging properties of chocolate, the Four Seasons Hotel George V spa in Paris is offering a 2-1/2-hour, $400 (US) “Decadent Chocolate Package” that includes a Chocolate and Cranberry Body Scrub, a Deep Chocolate Massage and a Toffee Chocolate Wrap. The manager said it’s “such a rejection of the idea of dieting, to dive into chocolate,” but afterwards, you have no regrets because all your senses have been satisfied and you know you’ve done yourself good.  ***MARLAR: Until you look in the mirror and see you’re covered with zits.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, two cows escaped from a trailer and wandered onto Interstate 91 causing all manner of havoc until a cowboy commuter saved the day! Police say a man wearing a Western hat and cowboy boots got out of his car and lassoed the 500-pound heifers. Troopers shut down the highway for about 30 minutes as the man helped load the animals back into a trailer. But we’ll never know who that amazing cowboy was as he asked police to not publicly identify him.  ***MARLAR: But he did give the commuters a silver bullet to remember him by.

Scientists in Japan and at Purdue University are mixing a gene from the human liver with rice, to produce rice that’s resistant to herbicides. But opponents of genetically-modified foods are up in arms over mixing human genes with a vegetable, calling it “Frankenfood.” A British spokeswoman said it’s disgusting and that people won’t buy the rice because it would be like cannibalism.  ***MARLAR: Freeeeeeaky.  Imagine, soon your potatoes really will have eyes.

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