Scientists in Japan have developed an umbrella that has Internet access and lets you go on line while you walk.  ***MARLAR: That way while it’s raining you can check online for the weather forecast.

Because of a deep recession in the country, Argentina has recently launched a new television game show called “Human Resources” where, as prizes, the show is giving out jobs! ***MARLAR: A special U.S. version is scheduled next week for Chrysler. 

Students in Singapore put a gene from a jellyfish into a plant, so it glows when it needs water.  ***MARLAR: Why not also put in a gene from humans so when it needs water it can just get up and get it itself?

While you are baking in the sun this weekend you can cool off by thinking about the cold place in the world. In 1960, Russian scientists working at an Antarctic base called Vostok, more than 750 miles from the South Pole, recorded a temperature of almost 127 degrees below zero! This is the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on the face of this planet.  ***MARLAR: But Russians say it’s no big deal, because it’s a DRY cold. 

A trail of grease thwarted two men who allegedly attempted to steal an industrial sized barbeque grill. Andrew Schneider and Trent Gilliam are accused of stealing the 16-foot long, stainless steel grill from the Monroe County Courthouse lawn late Tuesday during the Porta Westfalica Festival, which is named after Waterloo’s German sister city.  The Monroe County Pork Producers grilled more than 500 steaks and 1,000 bratwursts on the new grill, valued at $10,000. Police allege the 29-year-old Schneider and 35-year-old Gilliam hooked the grill to the back of a truck as festival goers were enjoying their steaks and cold drinks.  Waterloo Police Chief Jim Trantham said officers followed the grease trail, which led them to nearby Valmeyer, where the men were arrested.  ***MARLAR: They thought the grease would give police the slip.

Some doctors believe that if you want kids to develop healthy immune systems, they need to be exposed to germs, pet hair, peanut butter and intestinal worms before age three.  ***MARLAR: And people say my mother didn’t raise me right!

The head of the American Institute of Mathematics calls it a math version of climbing Mount Everest.  Until recently, some considered it a problem impossible to solve. A team of 18 mathematicians and computer scientists gathered in Palo Alto, California and mapped a proof to a 120-year-old mathematical problem known as the “Lie (lee) group E-Eight.”  The proof unveiled at M-I-T is packed with enough information to cover Manhattan and is being stored on one of the school’s computer hard drives.  The solution takes up as much space as 45 days of continuous music in an MP3 file.  ***MARLAR: Ironically, the solution to the problem has no practical applications other than determining how much space an MP3 will take up on your hard drive.

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