Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – July 01, 2010

Tracy Durham remembers hearing the pop. But the gunshot wound the Illinois man discovered after a neighbor asked about his limp? That was a surprise.  The 48-year-old Durham told police he thinks he was shot by a friend during a party late Sunday at his home. Police say Durham recalled calling the friend’s girlfriend ugly. The Peoria man then heard a pop as he took a drink from a bottle of whiskey. But police say he felt no pain. Durham told officers he went to sleep around 3 a.m. Monday and discovered the wound about four hours later. Police questioned Durham while he was being treated at a local hospital. He declined to identify the man he suspects shot him.  ***MARLAR: Police are determined to find the shooter though, and are currently assembling a team to go in search of a man with an ugly girlfriend.

Brazilians are battling the bulge.  A government study says the South American country known for its bikinis is expanding at the waistline.  The Health Ministry notes that in 2009, 46.6 percent of Brazil’s 190 million people were overweight. That’s up from 42.7 percent in 2006.  The rate of obesity also rose, from 11.4 percent in 2006 to 13.9 percent in 2009.  The study released Monday is based on interviews with 54,000 adults. The result: 51 percent of men and 42.3 percent of women are overweight.  The study blamed poor eating habits, lack of exercise and genetics.  ***MARLAR: They plan to take immediate action by banning all U.S. residents from moving there.

Lead in toys has been more frequently reported as of late, but that’s not the only way people can be exposed to the dangerous metal. Some soils can be contaminated and then be carried indoors accidentally, drinking water can pick up lead from pipes in older homes, foods and liquids in lead crystal or lead-glazed containers can pick up the metal, some folk remedies contain lead, and lead is also used in some pottery or stained glass projects or refinishing furniture. ***MARLAR: We would’ve had you grab a pencil to write all of that down, but pencils contain lead.

Americans tend to identify so much with their automobiles that they often give their cars nicknames and even talk to them while they’re driving, according to a recent AP-AOL poll. 20% of drivers name their car. The #1 nickname is Betsy, followed by Nelly, Blue and Baby. Three in 10 think their car has a gender. 23% of drivers think their cars are female while only 7% perceive their cars as being male. 62% believe the kind of car you drive tells others something about who you are as a person. ***MARLAR: That’s not good. What’s this say about my personality – my first car was a white 1976 Ford Bobcat two-door mini-station-wagon with wood siding we named “Woody.” (No kidding!)

You may think your one true love is the most important thing in your life, but you would probably be wrong. It appears our home computers take that honor. A recent study finds that 65% of Americans spend more time with their computer than their spouse or significant other, reports Digital Trends. Kelton Research also found that 52% of us said our most recent computer problem caused us to feel anger, sadness or alienation. ***MARLAR: Or is that our spouses?

Scientists in Japan have developed an umbrella that has Internet access and lets you go on line while you walk.  ***MARLAR: That way while it’s raining you can check online for the weather forecast.

Because of a deep recession in the country, Argentina has recently launched a new television game show called “Human Resources” where, as prizes, the show is giving out jobs! ***MARLAR: A special U.S. version is scheduled next week for oil workers.

While you are baking in the sun this weekend you can cool off by thinking about the cold place in the world. In 1960, Russian scientists working at an Antarctic base called Vostok, more than 750 miles from the South Pole, recorded a temperature of almost 127 degrees below zero! This is the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on the face of this planet.  ***MARLAR: But Russians say it’s no big deal, because it’s a DRY cold.

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