Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – July 02, 2010

A messy box of ribs left in a Clarksville parking lot caused police to call in the bomb squad and a bomb inspecting robot. The Leaf-Chronicle reports police blocked off the city’s Public Square Thursday morning after someone noticed a box with a warning on the side warning that anyone who touched it would lose their hands.  ***MARLAR: I see the exact same thing in my fridge at home when my wife brings home cake from the office.

Authorities said a 22-year-old Grand Blanc man faces charges after pumping up the volume of his car stereo. Police said on June 10 the man pulled into a party store in the city about 50 miles northwest of Detroit, where an officer was conducting a liquor inspection. The officer said the loud music was still playing when the man exited his car, which had its windows rolled down.  The Flint Journal reported the officer told the man to turn down his stereo, to which he replied, “What?”  He was arrested and cited for violating the township’s noise ordinance.  ***MARLAR: Ironically, he was listening to “I’ll Be Watching You” by The Police.

It’s the spot for Cubs fans after the final out.  A Chicago cemetery is offering so-called “skyboxes” for the big game in the next life. The Bohemian National Cemetery on the city’s North Side has created a brick interment wall designed to look like a wall in dead center at Wrigley Field. The wall has 288 spaces for urns. Cemetery officials say the loved ones of departed fans can sit facing the wall in four seats from Wrigley Field or even play catch on a small lawn grown from Wrigley sod.  ***MARLAR: Sadly, even the angels aren’t able to help the Cubs get to the World Series.

Change for a buck? How about change for $170,000? Authorities in Alexandria, Va., charge a parking meter repairman has ripped-off tons of quarters, nickels and dimes.  Police report finding around 170-K worth of change in William J. Fell’s home. Officials say they became suspicious when the city’s parking meter take took a dive. Investigators believe the accused change crook was operating for about a year.  ***MARLAR: He says he needed the coins for parking when he visits family in Chicago next weekend.

Just 23 percent of the globe’s population currently uses the Internet, according to the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union, with use much higher in developed nations. For example just five percent of Africans surf the web at this time  as mobile Internet access takes off, making it no longer necessary to use a computer to surf the Web. That’s what the co-founder of the Internet  Vinton Cerf tells us.  ***MARLAR: Sweet – that’s 77% of the world I’ve yet to invite to be a Facebook friend!

A couple in India plans to get married 2,000 feet above the ground while suspended by ropes between two mountains. Ashriwad Ayre and Bharti Patil will exchange vows between mountains called Duke’s Nose and Duchess Peak by a priest hanging from another rope. ***MARLAR: If they’re not careful they might redefine the term, “falling for you.”

Attention business owners: a new survey claims that a huge numbers of customers are dumping firms who use automated telephone help-lines. 60% of those surveyed said they switched services in the past year because of waiting on the telephone. ***MARLAR: I’d love to switch away from my long-distance company… but I have to do it through an automated system.

A new study by researcher E. Mitchell Seymour of the University of Michigan shows that a diet high in blueberries reduces abdominal fat — the kind linked to increased waist size and increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. As an extra added bonus, blueberry-eating rats also improves glucose control (meaning blood sugar was more stable).  ***MARLAR: Blueberry muffins, here I come!

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