Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – July 03, 2010

A Maine man who lost his high school class ring 27 years ago while swimming in a quarry found it right where he thought it was all along.  The owner of the Granite Hill quarry in Hallowell is draining it to restart mining.  When Jason Cottle saw a picture in the Kennebec Journal in Augusta of the draining, he decided to go look for his ring.  The 45-year-old carpenter from Gardiner found it Thursday on a ledge that would have been 35 feet under the waterline – right where he and his friends used to swim.  ***MARLAR: Although it creeped out the quarry manager when Jason kept calling it “My Precious.”

Identical twins Patrick and Nathan Griffin-Hall like the same food, the same movies, the same books. But the 27-year-old brothers who live together in Port Orchard, Wash., split when it comes to politics. Patrick is a Republican and Nathan is a Democrat, and both have registered as candidates for precinct committee officer in their respective parties. Both are running unopposed.  Patrick will be serving his third term, Nathan his first.  From an early age, Patrick sensed he was different from the rest of his large blended family.  He says, “They’re all hippie liberals. I’m the lone conservative.”  ***MARLAR: If you think about it, the idea of twins being on opposite sides of the political spectrum makes perfect sense.  Most politicians are two-faced anyway.

Whoever stole an Ohio trailer filled with scouting equipment deserves a merit badge for neatness. A tip to police near Canton led officers to the trailer on Thursday. Less than $300 worth of equipment was missing from inside, and otherwise things were shipshape, with items neatly stacked and organized.  Scoutmaster James Martens of Boy Scout Troop 10 calls it “the neatest-looking, rifled-through trailer” he’s ever seen.  ***MARLAR: Apparently someone is confused as to what exactly it means to make a “clean getaway”.

Looks like Jason Leigh Markham needs a lawyer, again. Authorities in Janesville, Wisconsin, charge the 19-year-old with breaking into cars in order to pay an attorney.  Markham had faced prior drug charges. Authorities say he was caught stealing from cars to raise money to cover those legal bills. A criminal complaint says a man caught Markham inside his Camaro and held him for police. Officers say they found a GPS system, CDs and video games in Markham’s backpack. He now faces additional charges including felony burglary and bail jumping.  ***MARLAR: Jason says he’s learned his lesson, and won’t be stealing to pay his lawyer. He’s going to sell drugs on the street corner instead.

Old jeans can keep you warm — even with the holes. But the jeans in question aren’t being worn, they’re being recycled for insulation. Kids at the Parkside Elementary School in Powell, Wyo., have been collecting old blue jeans. They’re going to Cotton Incorporated, which will make insulation for homes built by Habitat for Humanity. National Geographic Kids is organizing the jean drive. The group figures it takes 500 pairs of jeans to insulate the average house.  ***MARLAR: My house can’t be separated from my Calvins.

According to a study from the Marshall University School of Medicine, adding two ounces of walnuts to your diet may be one of your best defenses against breast cancer.  In the study, mice that were fed the equivalent of what would be two ounces of walnuts per day for humans showed a delay in tumor growth as well as fewer and smaller tumors.  ***MARLAR: So the big question is… which candy bars have walnuts?

A Ukrainian woman has been arrested after trying to smuggle two bears on board a plane by claiming they were dogs. ***MARLAR: She claimed she was simply packing the bear necessities.

A counterfeiter from Colombia, who printed 42 million dollars in fake U.S. currency, has been sentenced to five years in prison. ***MARLAR: It would’ve been less, but it was discovered that he paid his bail using $3 bills.

Blind high school students in Chicago are challenging a state law that requires them to take driver’s ed and pass the written exam when blind people can’t get driver’s licenses. ***MARLAR: Judging from Chicago traffic, I find that hard to believe.

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