Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – July 04, 2010

BP says  it has now spent $2 billion responding to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  And with no end yet in sight, that number is expected to keep rising.  .– The news came as teams drilling the relief wells designed to stop the oil gushing into the Gulf continue a daunting task — hit a target roughly the size of a salad plate about three miles below the water’s surface.  (that’s harder than dropping a dime into a shot glass in the bottom of a 20 gallon aquarium.  ***MARLAR: Maybe we should just add vinegar to the oil spill and serve it up as salad dressing to the entire country.

You know what it’s like…the grocery store tantrum .  You’ve got the youngster in the cart and they spot something on the shelves and gotta have it.  Researchers from Yale University announced the results of a small study which confirmed that, to children at least, food that’s marketed with cartoons tastes better.  Forty children from the New Haven, Conn., area were asked to do a taste test of gummy fruit snacks, graham crackers and baby carrots. One bite came from food in a plain package with a simple label, and one bite came from a similar package that also had a Dora the Explorer, Shrek or a Scooby Doo sticker on the front.   Both packages had the same brand of snack, but the children consistently said that the food from packages with cartoons tasted better, according to the study just published in the journal Pediatrics.   Children in the study were aged 4-6, and most of them could name the cartoon characters used in the study. Ninety percent of the children recognized Dora the Explorer, 77 percent recognized Scooby Doo and 60 percent of them recognized Shrek. ***MARLAR: Things sure change when you grow up, don’t they?  Now I know things taste better if I see the words “Betty Crocker”.

A study released by The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says adults and teenagers are equally likely to have texted while driving. And adults are more likely to have chatted on their phones while driving.  The study found that 47 percent of adults who text reported sending or reading texts while behind the wheel. In a 2009 Pew study, a lower number — 34 percent — of 16- and 17-year-olds who send texts said that they did that while driving.  The study also found that adults are much more likely to chat on their phones while driving: 75 percent of adults with mobile phones said they talked and drove. Fifty-two percent of teenagers with cell phones said they did so in last year’s study. ***MARLAR: I was so interested in this information I had to pull over and finish reading the article!

Recently, The New York Post’s Page Six obtained a copy of the Church of Scientology’s Impact magazine and is reporting some of the big givers from the group towards Scientology’s, “Global Salvage” campaign, designed to “de-abberate” Earth of aberrant behavior. It wasn’t John Travolta or Tom Cruise who gave the most from Hollywood though – it was Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, who gave $10 million – or about two years of her salary. ***MARLAR: Does she not realize that if they did rid the world of aberrant behavior that she’d lose her job? She’s the voice of Bart Simpson – how much more aberrant can you get?

An eleven-year-old boy in Haverfordwest, England was deaf in his right ear from the age of two. Then one day, he was playing pool with friends when he heard a pop, put his finger in his ear, and pulled out the cotton end of a Q-Tip-like swab that had broken off and been stuck in his ear for nearly 10 years. He had been examined repeatedly, and his dad is demanding to know how the doctors all missed that he had cotton stuck in his ear. ***MARLAR: Since England has socialized medicine, maybe the kid was still waiting for his turn to see a doctor.

Police in Fayetteville, NC. are looking for a pregnant woman they say tried to rob a bank at gunpoint but left empty-handed after answering her cell phone. The woman demanded money from a teller, but she got distracted when her cell phone rang. She began talking on the phone and left without taking any money. They are still looking for the woman.  ***MARLAR: And the unborn baby will be charged as an accessory.

A woman in London claims she is allergic to modern living. Cars, microwave ovens, cell phones — they all emit electromagnetic waves which she claims causes her skin to rash and her eyelids to swell.  ***MARLAR: Funny, that’s the same reaction I get when I’m told I have to work late.

The Centers for Disease Control has announced that rubella, or German measles, is the latest scourge to have been completely eradicated from the Unites States. ***MARLAR: Now if somebody could just do something about those Axe Body Spray commercials.

A recent survey shows that one in four Americans — that’s 70 million people — aren’t getting enough sleep. It seems that job stress, money woes, aches and pains, worries about terrorism and war, relationship troubles and holiday anxieties keep us up at night. ***MARLAR: (long pause) Oh, sorry… I must’ve dozed off.

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