Former “Saturday Night Live” comedians Al Franken has defeated Republican Norm Coleman in an eight-month recount and courtroom saga in Minnesota to win a seat in the U.S. Senate. Franken’s victory gives Democrats control of 60 seats in the Senate. When Franken is seated, which could come as early as this week, his party will have a majority not reached on either side of the aisle in some three decades.  ***MARLAR: When asked how he finally became victorious, Franken said, “Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it… people like me.”

More than 1 in 6 British Airways staff have agreed to work for free, take unpaid leave or work part-time, the airline said Thursday after the announcement of cost-cutting measures last week. Of the 40,000 person workforce, 6,940 employees had volunteered for unpaid leave, part-time working or unpaid work by June 24. Their actions will save the company up to $16 million. ***MARLAR: Our boss heard about this plan and now he wants to implement it here too.

A Polish couple living in Germany broke up after tying the knot and decided to end their marriage on the same day. “He said he never wanted to see her again and wanted an immediate annulment, and she said the same thing.” Right after the civil ceremony Wednesday, the 50-year-old man began arguing with his bride and tried to cut her hair with a kitchen knife. The 34-year-old woman called police, who issued the man with a restraining order, which he readily accepted. The man went to spend his wedding night in a local shelter for homeless people.  ***MARLAR: It’s the shortest marriage on record outside of Hollywood.

Police said a man broke into a Cincinnati home and proceeded to stay there for a week, watching television and sleeping in the master bedroom while the family was on vacation. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department arrested 19-year-old Nicholas Truesdell and charged him with burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle. An affidavit said he broke into the four-bedroom home through a rear window on June 16. Authorities said he also used the computer and drove the family’s 2007 Nissan Altima around for more than 48 hours.  ***MARLAR: Much longer and they could’ve charged him with identity theft!

For years Mary Hannaby has been taking six-hour long walks every Sunday with her son and her metal detector. She finally found something buried about 4 inches underground that is nearly 500 years old and worth a fortune. Mary struck gold — literally — when she found a part of a solid-gold pendant depicting the Holy Trinity. Experts estimate that it was made in 15th-century, and is worth around $412,000! In the U.K., the Treasure Act of 1996 says that anything over 300 years old must be reported, and the finders will be offered market value for it by museums, who have first dibs. Fortunately for Mary, the economy is in shambles and the museum can’t afford it, so it’s off to auction where it could fetch significantly more money.  ***MARLAR: I’m happy for this lady, but I’m not sure I’d feel right about selling the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for cash. 

A Russian man who kept his pet alligator in his office got bitten at an office party when he tried to show off to his friends and feed the gator by hand.  ***MARLAR: You’d think his employer would just buy a shredder.

A Russian news agency reports that a 104-year-old Russian woman has grown three new teeth, making her the oldest person ever to grow new teeth. ***MARLAR: The woman’s husband isn’t too thrilled though.  He’s gone to the emergency room twice now from his wife giving him a good night kiss.

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