Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – July 06, 2010

A former North Las Vegas police officer who said his badge stopped a bullet in a shootout has been arrested for allegedly making the incident up.  Police said 31-year-old Bryan Kolstad was booked into jail Tuesday on suspicion of making a false report and discharging a weapon where someone might have been in danger.  Police say Kolstad claimed he was investigating gunfire and was shot, then returned fire and hit a suspect. Police say Kolstad said his badge stopped the bullet.  Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell says investigators found no evidence of a suspect, and forensics showed the hole in Kolstad’s badge was made using a screwdriver.  Kolstad resigned in April after more than seven years with the department.  ***MARLAR: Apparently the bullet stopped because it hit something this dense.

Toshiba has unveiled a new dual-screen, touch-screen mini laptop designed for surfing the internet, sending and receiving emails and keeping up to speed with social networking sites on the move.   The Libretto W100 runs Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, and has two 7in, LED-backlit touch-screens. Toshiba says its compact size and clamshell form factor provides “unrivalled flexibility”. Set to go on sale next month.  ***MARLAR: Perfect for Smurfs and Oompa Loompas.  Otherwise, since when is a smaller laptop screen a bonus?

Interesting political move:– Veteran state Representative Bob Ziegelbauer of Manitowoc says he’s quitting the Democratic party and will run for re-election as an independent.  Ziegelbauer has angered his colleagues by sometimes siding with Republicans. ***MARLAR: Because that’s bipartisanship, and we can’t have any of that.

For 40 years, three priceless, 300-year-old vases from China’s Q’ing Dynasty had been on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. Then one weekend, a man tripped on his shoelace, stumbled down the stairs into them, and smashed them into tiny pieces. Another visitor said everyone watched as if it were in slow motion, and the stunned man kept pointing at his shoelace and saying, “There it is, that’s the culprit.” The museum director said they’re glad the man was unhurt, and they’ll try to glue the vases back together. ***MARLAR: The man is locked in the basement with a tube of glue, working on it now.

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, think obesity might be a contagious disease. They gave the human virus Ad-37 to chickens, and the birds developed two to three times more body fat than other chickens on the same diet. Two related viruses, Ad-36 and Ad-5, have also been shown to cause obesity in animals. But a spokesman said they can’t say that viruses cause obesity in humans because it would be unethical to inject humans with a virus for the experiment. ***MARLAR: Unless it caused weight LOSS; then everyone would be demanding it.

Tony Allenyne of Leics, England, went bankrupt after he took out two big loans and charged $175,000 (US) on 14 credit cards to remodel his apartment into an exact replica of the Starship Voyager from “Star Trek.” He even rebuilt the windows into portholes and installed vertical lights in a “transporter room” so he could pretend to be beamed up. His wife left him after he replaced their refrigerator with a “warp coil.” He thought he would market the idea and get rich doing the same thing for other Trekkies, but he said it didn’t work out and it’s been a “financial disaster.”  ***MARLAR: Apparently this guy doesn’t understand his target demo.  Only Trekkies would ever consider getting this done – but they can’t because they still live in their mothers’ basements.

A Russian man who kept his pet alligator in his office got bitten at an office party when he tried to show off to his friends and feed the gator by hand.  ***MARLAR: You’d think his employer would just buy a shredder.

A Russian news agency reports that a 104-year-old Russian woman has grown three new teeth, making her the oldest person ever to grow new teeth. ***MARLAR: The woman’s husband isn’t too thrilled though.  He’s gone to the emergency room twice now from his wife giving him a good night kiss.

A scuba diver who drifted for five hours after a boat crew left him at sea is suing the diving company for $4 million. Daniel Carlock Jr. says Ocean Adventures Dive Company left him off Santa Catalina Island and lied about his location, which delayed his rescue for five hours.  ***MARLAR: He plans on using the $4-million to buy skin lotion for his pruny fingers.

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