Spare change? Authorities in Texas are hoping a trail of coins will lead to a pair of robbers who held up a D-Q. Police in Amarillo report a man and a woman entered a Dairy Queen through the back door Sunday night. They left with money from employees, a safe and two cash drawers. But the Amarillo Globe-News reports the crooks didn’t get away with all the dough. The robbers left a trail of change along the frontage road of I-40. The investigation continues. ***MARLAR: Upon finding the trail of coins, police exclaimed it felt “scrumpdillyicious.” 


Milwaukee aldermen honor a police officer Tuesday who chased a suspect after hearing gunfire in his neighborhood.  Sgt. William Walsh was at off-duty, at home playing a video game with his daughter June 21 when he heard gun shots. He looked out and saw three men – one of them firing a handgun into the air. Wearing his flip-flops, Walsh grabbed his badge and started pursuing the three suspects from a distance.  A citizen lent Walsh a cell phone and backup officers were called. The three men were later arrested several blocks away.  The area’s alderman, Joe Davis, says Walsh’s courage under extremely dangerous circumstances exemplifies his selfless duty and devotion.  ***MARLAR: Sadly, the officer was then cited for breaking fashion laws by wearing black socks with the flip flops. 


Want to sleep like a log? Log on to your computer for help. A new study is showing that insomniacs who take part in an online program have been able to get some help. The program is designed to help participants learn better sleep habits – by keeping track of the users’ sleep diaries. Based on the information that is recorded people who have trouble sleeping can get advice and even specific bedtimes – and even learn how to avoid taking daytime naps through stories, quizzes and games.  ***MARLAR: Those things should work too – children use them all the time now to avoid nap time. 


At 27 feet long, Big Bud is one big tractor.  Courtesy of a long ride on a big rig, he’s kicked off a short stay in eastern Illinois.  The jumbo tractor – billed as the world’s biggest – will be on display July 9-12 at Historic Farm Days Penfield. That’s about 20 miles northeast of Champaign. Then Bud will be in nearby Rantoul Aug. 27-30 at the Half Century of Progress even.  Big Bud belongs to Montana brothers Robert and Randy Williams.  They bought the 900-horsepower tractor to work the fields on their 12,000-acre farm.  Big Bud was custom built in 1997 for a California cotton farm.  The tractor has a 1,000-gallon fuel tank and 8-foot-tall tires.  Robert Williams says it draws crowds to his farm in Big Sandy, Mont.  ***MARLAR: It also creates traffic jams because nobody can pass it on the dirt roads. 


It might look like Christmas in July on the streets of New York. The Salvation Army’s red kettles and bell ringers are returning to the city next week. Salvation Army officials say the idea is to help people hardest hit by the recession. The “Kettles in July” drive will run through July 18.  The Salvation Army says it has seen a 40 percent increase in people seeking help at its New York area shelters. ***MARLAR: The hard part is getting bell ringers to dress in a red fur suit and white beard when it’s 104-degrees outside. 


Steven Griesbach and Paul Simon take energy independence seriously. They make their own biodiesel gasoline. But their home-brewed fuel has gotten them in some hot water with Wisconsin tax officials. The state Department of Revenue has informed the two they need to pay fuel tax on anything they pour into their gas tanks… which could range from two-cents, to 31-cents a gallon on the homemade fuel. ***MARLAR: This is totally wrong.  Why should you be taxed for something you make on your own and don’t sell?  Can they tax all homemade gas?  If so, I have to stop eating my wife’s Mexican casserole.

Washington D.C. is looking for a new slogan.  Washington tourism officials are spending 150-thousand dollars to create a new catchphrase for the nation’s capital. You know, something like Las Vegas’ slogan: “What happens here, stays here.  DC’s current slogan is “Celebrate and Discover.”  ***MARLAR: How about, “D.C. – the global warming capitol of the world… all the hot air comes from here!”



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