The big burger is a big seller at Peppers Cafe. The Las Cruces, N.M. area eatery is offering what it calls the world’s largest green chile cheeseburger. It’s 1-pound burger and a half-pound of cheese, topped by three green chiles.  Restaurant owner C.W. “Buddy” Ritter says they’ve sold 20 of the $18.25 burgers in just a day. Now, he hopes to get a Guinness record for the world’s largest green chile cheeseburger. It’s quite a mouthful. Ritter admits he been only been able to down about half his monster chile cheeseburger. He adds the restaurant will split the big burger into smaller portions for a table to share.  ***MARLAR: They also sell it as an appetizer to guys like me. 


Surveys show that one in four Americans — that’s 70 million people — aren’t getting enough sleep. ***MARLAR: But then, that’s what (LOCAL LIGHT ROCK STATION) is for.


An interesting trend among campgrounds across the country: lots of them are now offering free high-speed wireless internet.  ***MARLAR:  Because who wants to go out camping if you can’t update your Facebook?


A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology makes the case that companies may be wasting their ad budgets when advertising during violent or sexually explicit programming.  The study claims that over-stimulating the brain with sexual or violent images basically shuts the brain off to the information contained in the commercials that follow. ***MARLAR: The brain being shut off – that’s the only explanation I can think of for someone wanting to see the movie “BRUNO.”


After two workers at Betty Crocker discovered that they needed to switch to a gluten-free diet, the popular baked goods manufacturer started producing gluten-free desserts on the reasoning that no one should ever have to go without a birthday cake. The mixes which began showing up on store shelves in June will average $2 more than those which contain gluten, due to the higher cost of gluten-free ingredients. ***MARLAR: What hope does the world have if even Betty Crocker is caving to the health nuts?

A woman in Paris was killed when she tried to withdraw some cash from an ATM. The woman died after touching the keypad. Police and bank officials blame a short circuit for the tragedy. Attempts by witness to revive her with CPR failed.  ***MARLAR: I’ll never use a charge card again.


An Australian motorist was convicting of assaulting an officer of the law… with his breath. Driver Jeff Pearce admitted in court that when he noticed he was being pulled over by a police officer, he immediately chewed a clove of garlic, so his breath would be all smelly. He says that his best friend told him it was a good way to get a cop to leave you alone.  ***MARLAR: “You have the right to remain silent… PLEASE!”



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