Sheep are making a comeback in Turin, Italy, where city officials are expected to save about $48,000 this year by using a herd of sheep to trim municipal lawns instead of having gardeners. It’s not a new idea– sheep were originally used to keep parks mowed when Europeans invented country parks in the 18th Century. But the plan cuts down on pollution and greenhouse emissions as no gasoline is used. Plus the city saves money and so do the sheep owners who no longer have to rent spring pastures for their herds.  ***MARLAR: And the new lawnmowers also do their own lawn fertilization!


A woman in Gastonia, North Carolina, is suing McDonald’s, claiming there was blood in her French fries.  ***MARLAR: McDonald’s lawyers are arguing that French Fries don’t bleed.


A tractor-trailer missed a corner at the bottom of a hill, sliced through four lanes of traffic and smashed into the front of Idaho State Police headquarters in Lewiston, Idaho. Miraculously, no one was hurt by the accident.  ***MARLAR: But the driver was later taken to the hospital with multiple bruises after the cops found out the truck hit the coffee room and spilled diesel all over their donuts.


The 21-year-old son of a Texas death row inmate has been jailed in Houston on a capital murder charge setting up what could be the only father-son combo on death row in Texas. ***MARLAR: If you ask me, this “Take Your Child To Work Day” has gone far enough.


Thirty-one Canadian engineering students face suspension after it was found they cheated in an ethics course. ***MARLAR: When they said they learned nothing in class, they really meant it!


More than age, marital status, blood pressure and smoking, anxiety is the top cause of heart attacks, according to a study from the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation of Massachusetts.  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, the top cause of anxiety is marriage.


Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper reports that more men than women may soon be getting head implants. Plastic surgeon Luis de la Cruz of Madrid has developed an implant that adds nearly 2 inches (5 cm) to a person’s height by making an incision in the side of the head and squeezing the implant between the skull and the scalp. It costs $8500, but he’s already done it for 17 people who wanted jobs for which they would normally not meet the height requirement, such as firefighter.  ***MARLAR: Or to try out for a sequel to the Coneheads movie.





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