Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 01, 2010

The United State Postal Service has recovered approximately 20,000 pieces of mail – some of them more than a decade old – from a Philadelphia postal carrier’s garage. Special Agent Scott Balfour says it took three mail trucks to remove the letters. The carrier worked in the city’s Bustleton neighborhood. Balfour says some of the mail dates back to 1997. Postal officials say they recovered the mail on April 28 and it was being delivered to customers this week. Balfour wouldn’t comment on what prompted the investigation but says the carrier hadn’t been to work since February. Postal officials haven’t identified the carrier. Balfour says they’re still trying to find the man so they can question him. ***MARLAR: And thank him for holding back the junk mail.

Authorities say a Massachusetts man offered to give his 3-month-old daughter to a maintenance man outside a gas station convenience store in exchange for a pair of 40-ounce beers. Chicopee police say 24-year-old Matthew Brace of Northampton made the offer on Monday. The maintenance man called police, who found Brace hiding with the girl behind a trash container. State child welfare officials took the baby into custody. Police say Brace was not arrested but will be summoned to court to face a charge of reckless endangerment of a child. The child’s mother was in the store at the time buying cigarettes. She has not been charged. ***MARLAR: They figure her being married to a man that stupid is punishment enough.

Pandora has an unfortunate problem, especially for a horse: She’s allergic to grass. The 5-year-old Thoroughbred mare has to wear a specially designed high-tech coverall when she goes outside, as well as a mask to protect her eyes in Buckinghamshire, England. The horse can only eat grass when it is mixed with other foods and needs to take a huge load of antihistamines as well. ***MARLAR: How sad is that? Horses eat food –and stand on it all day. It’s like asking your best friend, “What are you allergic to?” “Food and sidewalks.”

The founders of FOREVER 21 Don and Jin Chang demonstrate their Christian faith by imprinting the bottoms of Forever 21’s shopping bags with Bible verse John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” FOREVER 21 is very successful and the Chang’s thank God for the store’s success. ***MARLAR: If they’re going to use the words “should not perish” shouldn’t they be using Zip-Lock baggies?

Underwater C-S-I. No, it’s not a new series, but an academic program offered by Florida State University. Their Underwater Crime Scene Investigation course is the only one in the world. Professor Michael Zinszer says the Underwater C-S-I specialty is so new, the grads essentially create their own jobs. But forensic diving isn’t for everyone. Underwater crime scenes are rarely near sunny beaches with bikini-wearing suspects. Zinszer says Underwater C-S-I involves a lot of diving in dirty, cold water. ***MARLAR: Then they should move the classes to The Rock River.

Ozzy Osbourne loves a British cereal so much, that every month, he has a case of “Sugar Puffs” shipped to his L.A. home. ***MARLAR: After hearing the guy talk, he may need to dial the sugar back a bit.

Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese once awarded his “Skinny Awards” for bad skin to Brad Pitt for his acne scars and Angelina Jolie for her moles, tattoos and abdominal scars. ***MARLAR: Yeah, we’d all hate to look like those two hideous freaks, wouldn’t we?!?

According to a new survey, bullies are taking full advantage of the latest technology. Sixteen percent of young people say they have received a bullying message through their mobile phone or computer. ***MARLAR: Now how does this work? “Hey, McFly, PayPal your milk money to me or you’re getting a cyber-wedgie!”

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