A T-shirt depicting three wolves howling at the moon has gained an exploding following with a Facebook page and online videos – all because a customer posted a tongue-in-cheek comment on Amazon.com saying it made him a babe magnet.  The Mountain, the Keene, N.H., company that makes the shirts, is selling thousands a day – and enjoying the comments.  “We’re laughing a lot more than we used to,” owner Michael Krinsky said Thursday.  Thousands responded to the original comment from last fall, adding to the shirt’s supposed powers.  But one wrote that after wearing his T-shirt for weeks, he suspected the benefits were exaggerated.  “Not ONE supermodel has approached me,” he wrote.  The company said it does not guarantee wearers will become “a magnet for supermodels.”  ***MARLAR: Why wear a t-shirt with wolves when you’re trying to attract foxes?

Maybe the Colorado town of Basalt isn’t so welcoming after all.  That’s the impression government officials fear people will get when they enter the town because new posted signs say “Warning” in red letters right below the sign that reads, “Welcome To Basalt.”  The warning refers to a town ordinance that prohibits drivers from letting their cars idle for more than two minutes. But Town Councilwoman Amy Capron says having the signs so close together makes it “daunting and not so welcoming.”  The town mayor suggested that they be relocated.  ***MARLAR: The signs that is… not the residents. 

Inmates in a northern Ohio jail are growing their own. Food, that is. They’ve planted a vegetable garden. The point is to save money. The Sandusky County Sheriff had to find some way to lop off $75,000 from the jail’s budget. He started by banning pancakes from the jail’s menu. Next step was for inmates to plant a vegetable garden.  ***MARLAR: When asked why, the prisoners said growing vegetables was a lot safer than growing what got them thrown in the slammer to begin with.  (And really, could they grow anything that would be worse than prison food?)

Remember Borat in that mankini? It’s probably a vision you’d rather not dredge up. But now deputies in Andersonville, Tenn., say a man’s been arrested for burglarizing a home and he was caught wearing only a woman’s thong. ***MARLAR: Eminem could not be found for comment. 

There seems to be an unending supply of dumb criminals. A Roanoke, Virginia man was so proud of robbing a bank of nearly $4,000 that he boasted about it on MySpace.  Prosecutors say before his arrest, he posted a message to his MySpace page that said: “On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall.” It was a friend who called investigators after seeing surveillance pictures of the robber who now faces seven years to life in prison.  ***MARLAR: During which time, virtual-friends are the only ones he’ll have. 

What becomes of the broken-hearted? They can go to a hospital in Germany. A clinic for the broken-hearted has been set up in Germany to give emergency treatment to those who have been dumped. The clinic is mainly for love-sick teenagers who do not know how to cope with a broken heart. ***MARLAR: And they’ll tell you everything they tell everyone else. “You’ll get over it, the pain will eventually go away, you’ll meet someone else someday, you’re too good for that person anyway, we know that you hearing all of this doesn’t make a hill-of-beans difference to you right now, so here’s a gallon of ice cream and a spoon.”

The western Japanese city of Kobe has been invaded by rampaging wild boars. ***MARLAR: I didn’t know Regis & Kelly had moved their show to Japan.

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