Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 06, 2010

Police said a cleaning man was taken to a hospital after being sucked into a machine at a sausage-making company in Danvers. The accident happened Thursday night as the man was cleaning the vacuum-type machine that is used to season the meat at DiLigui Sausage Co. Police said the man’s head and shoulders became stuck in the machine after it somehow activated while being cleaned.  ***MARLAR: Does the company also make Fried Green Tomatoes?

Police say a burglar broke into a Des Moines Subway store, helped himself to a smorgasbord of cold cuts and made sandwiches for the journey home – but left the store’s cash behind.  ***MARLAR: Apparently when he decided he needed some “green” he truly meant lettuce.

Twenty-two students at St. Mary’s College of California have done something their predecessors famously did 50 years ago: cram into a phone booth. Teams competed to fit as many bodies as possible into a phone booth on the campus green last Wednesday, a half-century after Life magazine published a now-famous photograph of 22 St. Mary’s students stuffed into a phone booth, a popular college stunt in the 1950s. Current students matched the number in the 1959 image, though they failed to break the campus record of 24 set in 1984.  ***MARLAR: They deserve some sort of prize for this.  Not only did they stuff 22 people in a phone booth… they actually found a PHONE BOOTH!!  (When’s the last time anyone has seen one of those?)

“Lucky” doesn’t even start to describe Emerson de Oliveira Abreu. It took surgeons five hours to remove a six-inch-long fishing spear which had entered his head just above his left eye. And, he probably will be fine because it just missed the critical parts of his brain. He had been diving off the coast of Rio de Janeiro when he apparently fired the spear, which ricocheted off rocks and penetrated his own head so deeply that only the tip was showing. The guy’s father says “it’s a miracle” his son’s going to be OK. ***MARLAR: And added, “we needed this like we need another hole in the head.”

“Bless you.” And watch out! Authorities in Salem, Ore., are investigating a case of D-W-S, driving while sneezing. Deputies say Ramon Stephen Ayala had a sneezing fit and lost control of his car early the other morning. By the time he got his schnoz under control, Ayala had run a stop sign and slammed into a house. Authorities report there was some damage to the home’s bathroom, but no one was hurt. Deputies add that Ayala isn’t being charged.  ***MARLAR: However, his nose is being charged for running too fast for conditions.

A new study has determined that middle-aged and older American’s have a 90% higher risk having high blood pressure. ***MARLAR: Doesn’t giving them news like this just compound the problem?

A woman in Pennsylvania reported finding pills in some Gorton’s frozen fish.  ***MARLAR: It was Ritalin so the fish could pay attention in school.

People at a supermarket in Ireland got a big surprise when a bull got loose in the building, according to a Security cameras captured the huge animal running wild inside the store, even chasing one person up an aisle.  ***MARLAR: Investors were excited to hear about a bull market.

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