A skeleton was discovered in a hospital in Trinidad, found by a maintenance worker in a small room adjacent to patient’s quarters. The body was estimated to have been there for up to nine months. ***MARLAR: Investigators are under the assumption that the patient’s insurance ran out.

How’s this for a perk from work: A French supermarket is offering it’s employees a bonus of 2.4 acres of land. The catch? The plot of land is on the moon. Each of the company’s 20,000 employees receive the land that comes with title deed, the lunar coordinates and instructions on how to find it with a telescope.  ***MARLAR: That’s not right – a store mooning its employees like that.

Keely Givhan, of Beloit, Wisconsin, was pulled over by traffic police because her license plate bulb was out. When officers ran a check they found an arrest warrant had been issued after she failed to appear in court over unreturned items from the city library. Neither she nor her family members had the $330 to pay her library fine, so she remained in jail for six days.  ***MARLAR: She had the right to remain silent both in jail and at the library.

A small town south of Hamburg, Germany, has been conducting a test for two years and found that government workers who were allowed to sleep on the job were more efficient that employees who stayed awake. ***MARLAR: Oh, so THAT’S what road workers are doing – they’re being EFFICIENT!

Students at Cheektowaga Central High School in Buffalo, New York, recently spent a night in cardboard boxes on the school’s lawn during 18-degree weather to show their solidarity with the area’s homeless population. Unfortunately, according to a Buffalo News report, the kids didn’t quite live the homeless lifestyle as many brought DVD players to watch movies inside their boxes, ate donated Dunkin’ Donuts and pizzas, and ducked into the school’s heated gym whenever they got too cold or bored. ***MARLAR: “Oh, we feel for the homeless, we just don’t want to feel LIKE them.”

A University of Minnesota study found that kids who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight.  ***MARLAR: So before you leave the house, be sure to finish that Red Bull and pack of Ho-Hos. 

In Ohio, a cow that escaped from a slaughterhouse was finally captured after eleven days of being on the run. ***MARLAR: Which raised its value as it could then be sold as LEAN beef.

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