Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 11, 2009

It’s one use for duct tape that has nothing to do with home repairs. Authorities in Southern California charge a woman tried to wrap up her daughter’s boyfriend with duct tape and kidnap him. San Bernardino County deputies report the victim told them the mom wanted to get him away from her 21-year-old daughter. The mother and an alleged accomplice have been arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnapping.  ***MARLAR: Their lawyer says the charges won’t stick. 

It’s not what you would call a high-speed chase. Deputies in western New York report they were trying to stop a young man in Amish country in a horse and buggy.  Authorities say Jonas Hershberger headed across fields and into the woods in the town of Napoli (nuh-POH’-ly). According deputies, the 20-year-old eventually ditched the buggy and made a run for it. He was busted at a nearby home. Hershberger now faces a number of charges, including reckless endangerment. His bail has been set at $250.  ***MARLAR: Police said the last chase this slow involving a horse was a white Bronco driven by O.J. Simpson. 

What has 40,000 wings and flies? A small plane covered with honeybees. The owner of a flight training center at the Beverly, Mass., airport found a swarm of bees on the left wing of one of his planes. The man called police, who suggested he contact local bee removal expert Al Wilkins. He used a specially designed vacuum to suck the bees off the wing. Wilkins figures there about 10,000 bees on that plane. He says the queen probably stopped for a rest and the rest of the swarm followed. ***MARLAR: Be looking for “Bees on a Plane” starring Samuel Jackson in theatres this summer.

A U.S. court says a kindergartner’s mother cannot read Scripture during show and tell, even if the Bible is the boy’s favorite book. Monday’s ruling is a victory for the Marple Newtown School District in suburban Philadelphia. The mother, Donna Kay Busch, argues the students heard stories related to Passover, Christmas and other religious holidays. The appeals court says there is a “significant difference” between identifying those holidays and reading from Scripture.  ***MARLAR: So now she’s reading Peter Cottontail.   

Police in Phoenix say they’ve arrested a woman accused of leading an armed robbery gang involving her 12- and 14-year-old sons. Police say 51-year-old Cynthia White Roberson coached some of the four boys and three men who were charged with her. The suspects are accused of at least 20 armed robberies in Phoenix and Glendale since late April.  ***MARLAR: She needed the money to pay her teens’ texting charges. 

Would you believe that President Lincoln tried to buy slaves?  The University of Rochester is displaying an 1862 letter written by Abe Lincoln that was found in their archives. In it, he proposes that the government pay slaveholders $400 per slave and end slavery by just buying all the slaves and paying the South off. At that point, the war was costing $2 million a day, and the slave buyout would’ve cost a total of $719,200.  ***MARLAR: Best of all, the Southerners would’ve accepted Confederate money!

Jenny and Joey think alike. And in one instance, it almost cost them big bucks. The young couple both had the same great idea to bid on a dream vacation that was up for auction on the Internet. Unfortunately, they both did it secretly, hoping to surprise the other one with a trip to the Caribbean. Joey used the secret name Scoobydoo and Jenny used the alias Bigbanana. For four days, the two were engaged in a one-on-one battle to outbid each other. And after a record 83 bids between them, Jenny finally gave up when Joey bid $2,500 — $650 above the full price of the trip! When Joey told her the news, the two quickly realized what happened. But kindhearted auctioneers let them have the romantic vacation for a $1.50 – the price the bidding started at. ***MARLAR: It might be a good idea for them to stay together during the trip when buying souvenirs.

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