After 50 years of dating — yep, 50 years– retired Italian gynecologist Giuseppe Rebaudi has finally popped the question and is ready to settle down and marry his long time girlfriend Silvie Basain. He’s 101 — she’s 98!  Silvie said her only worry was that they might be rushing things a bit!  She added, “We have only been together for 50 years! That may be a bit quick but then again you are only young once.”  ***MARLAR: Well, at age 101 and 98, you gotta really think about that whole “till death do you part” thing.

At the Intel Developer Forum, Intel senior fellow Justin Rattner outlined an exciting new use for advanced microprocessors: intelligent toilets. He said soon, your home will help you stay healthy. For instance, your toilet would check what you leave behind for early signs of disease. If it finds anything, it can call your doctor to make an appointment, checking your calendar for a convenient time. And if you collapse and fall off, the toilet would summon an ambulance. ***MARLAR: And if you forget to put the seat down, it screams at you in a woman’s voice.

A Michigan man is in the hospital after he was accidentally shot by his cat. State troopers showed up at Joseph Stanton’s home in Bates Township Monday night to find him wounded in the lower torso. The 29-year-old man was cooking when his cat knocked a loaded nine-millimeter handgun off the counter. The gun discharged and a bullet struck Stanton. Stanton was taken to a county hospital for treatment. ***MARLAR: What’s harder to believe here, that a cat accidentally shot somebody, or that a man was cooking?

In Northern parts of China it was once a common practice to shave pigs. When the evenings got cold the Chinese would take a pig to bed with them for warmth and found it more comfortable if the pig was clean-shaven. ***MARLAR: If the only solution you can think of to keep warm is to sleep with a pig, you have more problems than just being cold.

A man in Iran has been ordered by an Iranian court to buy his wife 124,000 red roses — at a cost of $265,000 — for being too stingy. It is traditional in Iran that married women be given a “mahr” or dowry by their husbands. In this case, the bride claimed her mahr after being married ten years to a man she described as being too cheap to even buy her a cup of coffee. Under Iranian law, not providing mahr when claimed could send a man to prison. ***MARLAR: Good thing for me I always offer to Super Size my wife’s dinner.

In China, a man left his wife… she took revenge by burning the 400 cell phones they had for sale at their business.  ***MARLAR: Strangely, an hour later she felt like burning 400 cell phones again.

The journal Nature reports that researchers in Zurich, Switzerland, have found a musician whose brain “wires” are crossed in such a way that she senses tastes when she hears music. For instance, a minor third tastes salty to her, a minor second chord is sour, and a major third tastes sweet. ***MARLAR: That’s weird, because I’m the exact opposite. I hear bubble-gum music and taste bile.

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