Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 14, 2010

How much money would it take to get you to lose some serious weight? $100? $500?  Many employers are betting they can find your price. At least a third of U.S. companies offer financial incentives, or are planning to introduce them, to get their employees to lose weight or get healthier in other ways.  ***MARLAR: This would totally work for me – I love this idea.  Do you have any idea how many Happy Meals a hundred bucks could buy?!?!

More states are requiring physical education for elementary, middle and high school students, though few require kids to exercise for a specific amount of time.  A report released by the American Heart Association and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education said exercise for schoolchildren is also threatened by a rising number of waivers and exemptions from PE in school districts around the country.  ***MARLAR: I was going to do a more in-depth look into this and go on-location, but I have a note from my mother saying I don’t have to.

A lady’s life could have been in jeopardy, but no one goes through this tunnel without paying the toll… after all, it IS the law!  But not even an ambulance?! An ambulance in London was taking a 74-year-old woman with severe respiratory problems to the hospital when it came to a toll booth at the entrance to a tunnel. Instead of letting it go through, the attendant insisted on 1.20 pounds fee. Paramedics explained there was a sick patient on board, but the tunnel attendant and supervisor refused to allow the ambulance through without payment, suggesting it would have to find an alternative route, the ambulance service said. Fortunately the nurse accompanying the patient had some money with her and paid the toll.  ***MARLAR: How much you wanna bet that 1.20 pounds will now go on the patient’s bill?

Todd Kirshenbaum has been collecting snow globes for 20 years. But not just any snowglobes. The York, Nebraska, man insists on only the cheapest and cheesiest, plastic snow globes. Now, he’s sharing his collection at a local public library. Kirshenbaum says the best way to keep the blizzard alive inside the little plastic worlds is to use distilled water and some glycerin to keep the glitter from sticking together. ***MARLAR: My mother-in-law uses that same method to de-lump her gravy.

They’re calling it an “obesity-busting” gum. Led by Steve Bloom, scientists at Imperial College London are developing an appetite-suppressing chewing gum that is laced with a drug based on a natural stomach hormone that mimics the body’s “feeling full” response.  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, it makes you look full too, and turns you purple.

Norway struck an unprecedented blow for sexual equality when the government said it would force companies to guarantee that women could be in board meetings. ***MARLAR: Male board members unanimously agreed, and then forced the women to serve them coffee and Danishes.

According to a new study, people 60 and over become more liberal at a faster rate. A new study suggests that the popular belief about older people being more conservative isn’t true. Researchers found that as people pass the age of 60 they become more tolerant and liberal.  ***MARLAR: Tolerant right up to the time you step on their grass.

According to a new survey by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development the average French person spends 8 hours and 50 minutes sleeping getting almost an hour more shut-eye than citizens from nations like Japan and Korea. At 8 hours and 30 minutes, the United States comes in at number two. ***MARLAR: C’mon America – let’s be #1 again!  Bring out the La-Z-Boy!

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