It’s pizza to go — with a wave.  Pizzeria owner Al Marino will make deliveries this summer to boaters on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair. Marino is launching the “SS Pizza.” It’s a pontoon boat equipped with an oven and kitchen. The owner of the Sam’s Sorrento Pizza chain tells the Detroit Free Press boaters can pull up to the SS Pizza. The floating pizzeria will also make deliveries using dingy-size boats. In addition to pizza, the hungry boaters can order other food like chicken wings and burgers.  ***MARLAR: So long as you’re okay with soggy crusts and buns. 

A hearing-impaired Florida woman may have been saved from her burning home by her dog.  The Orlando Sentinel reports Lillian Miller thought her Chihuahua mix just needed to go outside when he started barking around 3 a.m. the other day. So she took the dog — named Spaz — out. That’s when she saw flames coming from the living room window of her mobile home.  A relative says Miller had removed her hearing aids and couldn’t hear the fire alarm. Luckily, Spaz could.

A 90-year-old Chicago area woman who dropped out of school to help her family during the Great Depression now has her high school diploma. Eleanor Benz left Chicago Public Schools’ Lake View High in 1936 during her senior year to take a job. Over the following decades she moved to the suburb of Gurnee and had 15 children, 54 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren. Benz attended night school for typing and bookkeeping, but she recently told one of her daughters that never completing high school was one of her greatest disappointments. Her children contacted Lake View, and the school approved Benz’s diploma. This week, at her 90th birthday party, Benz’s family presented her with the diploma and a 2009 gown and cap with a 1936 tassel.  ***MARLAR: She plans to celebrate this weekend by going out to one of those new “talkie” movies. 

Donald Bernovich would rather be bowling. You can tell by just looking at his front lawn in Marquette Heights, Ill. He has hundreds of bowling balls on his lawn. He calls it his “bowling-ball garden.” The retired railroad man also decorates his yard with bowling pins. He says they pop up like flowers. He’s been bowling since his teenage years and still maintains an average of 180. Bernovich says his tenpin garden is
made from the discards of local bowling alleys.  ***MARLAR: The only part of his home he avoids decorating is the gutters. 

A bear cub in Wisconsin was spotted with a bird feeder stuck on its head.  A landowner in the northwestern part of the state told the state Department of Natural Resources about the cub over Memorial Day weekend. But the mother was so protective that DNR officers couldn’t get near the cub, who was still able to climb a tree.  When the DNR set out a live trap, it caught both the cub and the mom. The feeder was found in pieces next to them, possibly chewed apart by the mom.  Both bears were released into the woods.  ***MARLAR: Where they immediately got their heads stuck in honey pots. 

Sunday is Father’s Day.  It seems like only yesterday, Dad was looking over your shoulder, giving you advice on such trivial things as how to mow the lawn.  Come to think of it, that WAS yesterday.

Family Circle magazine says one trend this Fathers Day is to buy a toy for your Dad.  94% of all dads would like to receive an electronic gadget; 88% would like dinner; 80% would like a framed family photo; 78% would like sports equipment or tickets. ***MARLAR: That comes to 340%… perhaps some of these fathers should be spending a little more time teaching their children math.

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