The marriage is young — but not the newlyweds. Over the weekend, 93-year-old Ebenezer Rose and 89-year-old Monica Hayden tied the knot in West Palm Beach, Florida. They decided to get hitched after a brief courtship. But they had met in church about 20 years ago. Rose tells the Palm Beach Post that she had her eyes on him all those years. Rose says he told his bride-to-be they were both lonely, so “why not get married.”  ***MARLAR: They both say they are in it “until death do us part” (which could be sometime next Tuesday).

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from “The Hills” have quit “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” for a second time.  This time because Heidi got sick.  First, they pulled out last week, with Spencer saying, “Super-celebrities don’t belong in the jungle.”  ***MARLAR: Actually, Spencer, super-celebrities don’t feel the need to be on lame reality shows to begin with. 

A Michigan woman has celebrated her 100th birthday at the same eatery she’s visited regularly for the past 15 years – McDonald’s.  Georgia Boynton stopped last week at the restaurant in Brighton for her customary hamburger and coffee. She got a surprise party with cake and balloons.  Restaurant manager Irene Burelle said that when staffers realized last year that Boynton was 99 they decided to do something special for her next birthday.  They made sure family members would bring her in for her birthday last Wednesday.  Boynton told the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus that she doesn’t feel 100 years old. She said her longevity secret is loving her family and being happy.  ***MARLAR: And eating burgers that have been under a heat lamp longer than you’ve been alive. 

Cass Clark is just 16, but he’s already working undercover. He buys smokes in sting operations for the Oregon State Police. The high school sophomore says it’s surprising how many people look at his ID and still sell him cigarettes. He works with a plainclothes officer, who has issued a dozen citations this year for selling cigarettes to minors. Cass makes $8.40 an hour as a cigarette buyer. He hopes to go into law enforcement someday.  ***MARLAR: The hard part is looking convincing buying a pack of cigarettes when you make only $8.40 an hour.

Police said a 17-year-old girl who was practicing how to drive broke her mother’s legs after stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Sgt. Thomas Long told the Republican newspaper that the mother was sitting on a fence when she was struck Saturday morning at a movie theater parking lot. ***MARLAR: On the plus side, the teenager will get a lot more practice driving now that she has to drive her mother around. 

A hotel chain is offering customers space-age PJs. The silk knit suits (complete with booties, gloves and a hood) are free of charge. According to Travelodge’s sleep director, Leigh McCarron, “Something as simple as changing your bed attire can dramatically affect your quality of sleep.” Once worn, the hotel allows the customers to take the PJ’s home to keep. ***MARLAR: Another positive – there’s no fun in stealing a bathrobe if the hotel is already giving you pajamas.

Syracuse, New York native Bill Foody has never owned a mobile phone – so imagine the surprise when he received a bill totaling $6500! The 63-year-old Foody says he hardly ever uses a normal phone, let alone a mobile, so he was shocked the bill when he opened his mail. Foody immediately called Cellular One to complain and is waiting to hear from the firm’s fraud department. He is worried the mistake will affect his credit rating. ***MARLAR: He’s also complaining about the roaming charges because he’s never been to Rome.

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