Attention business owners: a new survey claims that a huge numbers of customers are dumping firms who use automated telephone help-lines. 60% of those surveyed said they switched services in the past year because of waiting on the telephone. ***MARLAR: I’d love to switch away from my long-distance company… but I have to do it through an automated system.

Smokers in Australia have already been told that they can no longer light up in restaurants, workplaces, bars, most public places and even some beaches. Now, New South Wales Parliament Member Fred Nile is pushing a bill to make it illegal to smoke inside your own car. Opponents call it a gross invasion of privacy and say it would be impossible to enforce. Supporters said secondhand smoke is so dangerous that this ban is urgently needed to protect passengers, especially children. ***MARLAR: Also on the docket of items to ban is smoked glass.

Blind high school students in Chicago are challenging a state law that requires them to take driver’s ed and pass the written exam when blind people can’t get driver’s licenses. ***MARLAR: Judging from Chicago traffic, I find that hard to believe.

A recent survey shows that one in four Americans — that’s 70 million people — aren’t getting enough sleep. It seems that job stress. money woes, aches and pains, worries about terrorism and war, relationship troubles and holiday anxieties keep us up at night. ***MARLAR: (long pause) Oh, sorry… I must’ve dozed off.

A scuba diver who drifted for five hours after a boat crew left him at sea is suing the diving company for $4 million. Daniel Carlock Jr. says Ocean Adventures Dive Company left him off Santa Catalina Island and lied about his location, which delayed his rescue for five hours.  ***MARLAR: He plans on using the $4-million to buy skin lotion for his pruny fingers. 

A sun temple dating back to 1213 BC has been found near Cairo. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun as the source of all good. ***MARLAR: In exchange for their devotion, each were given melanoma.

If you enjoy sardines on toast or a dinner of oily fish, they’ll help to keep your weight down and maintain good health, a recent study reveals.  ***MARLAR: Because they taste nasty and you eat less.

Family Circle magazine says one trend this Fathers Day is to buy a toy for your Dad–something that will remind him of his childhood. ***MARLAR: Gee… so where can I find a rock, some sticks, and some flint…?

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