Chuck and Karen Hill have all the luck. A week after Chuck won five-grand in the Georgia Lottery’s Weekly WinFall drawing, Karen did a whole lot better. She won a million bucks on a $20 scratch-off ticket. She tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at first she figured she was reading the ticket wrong. But the mother of the two really is an instant millionaire. She says she’s still in a state of shock.  ***MARLAR: They were immediately banned from every bingo parlor in Georgia. 

Two Indiana men have declared June 15th as “National Man Day” only to find there’s already a romantic holiday that falls on that date.  Joel Longanecker of Celestine and his brother Aaron, of Indianapolis, have for months been rallying thousands to their masculine cause on Facebook. More than 260,000 people have pledged to “stand up and do manly things” on Man Day.  But it turns out June 15 is also “Sneak a Kiss Day,” a day for sweethearts to steal smooches from their sweeties.  The Man Day organizers urge participants to take part in “manly” activities such as football, hunting or watching Rocky movies. They claim real men don’t “sneak” kisses.  ***MARLAR: What?  Not even the chocolate ones?  I’m such a girly-man. 

Oops! A demolition crew tore down the wrong house in Carrollton, Ga. The contractor was using a GPS satellite navigation gizmo to guide them. But they got something wrong. Al Byrd says a neighbor called to tell him his boyhood home and family heirlooms had been destroyed and tossed into Dumpsters. The home was unoccupied at the time. Byrd says he’s gotten apologies from the companies involved. But he’s consulting with a lawyer.  ***MARLAR: If he can ever find his phone in the rubble. 

New York City subway conductor Bretta Sykes caught a passenger who didn’t pay a fare. But this is a case of labor and delivery, not turnstile jumping. Sykes was waiting for the “R” train, when a woman went into labor in a subway car in lower Manhattan. Sykes is a mother of two. She says she remembered info from her own childbirth classes to coach the soon-to-be mom. Seven minutes later there was new passenger. New York transit officials say the mom and baby girl are doing well at a hospital.  ***MARLAR: It’s the only baby in history to go through back to back dark tunnels. 

Fathers spend more time with their children who resemble them? At least that was the result of a brand new study. The Senegalese study suggests that fathers invest more time and energy in their children who look and smell like them, primal indicators that they are biologically connected.  ***MARLAR: If my choices are to either be estranged from my father, or smell like him… well, I’ll miss him.

According to the Japanese government, the nation has about 5,400 homeless who live primarily in 24-hour Internet cafes.  ***MARLAR: So the homeless have laptops?  Maybe they could Google “homeless shelters.”

Ambient Corp. demonstrated a device called the Audeo, a neckband that picks up nerve signals sent to the vocal cords when you think about words you want to say and transmits them wirelessly to a computer that converts them into a computerized voice. Someday, people may be able to use it to make “voiceless” cell phone calls in which they merely think the words and don’t even have to say them. ***MARLAR: Thank goodness – blabbing on a cell phone is such exhausting work!

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