A British puppy had a narrow flush with disaster after his 4-year-old master decided to give him a bath in the toilet. Daniel Blair said that he tried to clean the muddy 1-week-old cocker spaniel because he was muddy, and he flushed him down the drain. His mother Alison thought the dog was dead, but a drainage firm was able to locate the beleaguered animal in a pipe 20 yards away from the house using specialist camera gear and they rescued it. The puppy is ok.  ***MARLAR: And because of the blue water, the dog is now going to star in a big-budget version of Blues Clues. 

Is the Internet keeping your family apart? A new study says families in the U.S. are spending less time together.  And while the study by the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future doesn’t place the blame on the Internet, it does note that the decline in family time does coincide with a rise in Internet use and the popularity of social networks.  ***MARLAR: However, they have noticed a dramatic increase of people texting family in the other room. 

What’s new? How about a giant omelet from emu? Ann Merkel sells huge green emu eggs at her table at the Lawrence, Kan., Farmers’ Market. The eggs go for four bucks apiece.  They weigh up to two pounds and are the equivalent of about a dozen chicken eggs. She has eight pairs of breeding birds on her Sundance Emu Ranch. Her husband Bill is especially fond of scrambled Emu egg. But he tells the Journal-World newspaper one egg is enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  ***MARLAR: Or for me, a light breakfast… and maybe a muffin.

An Australian man, who was on trial on suspicion of bank robbery, has been given a retrial because of his name! Believe it or not, the suspect’s name is Rob Banks. The judge made the decision to try the man under an alias because he said the jury might have been swayed by his real name.  ***MARLAR: He’s now trying to get his name changed to Ima Innocent.

Some Maryland bird lovers are happy to see Grumpy. Grumpy is a mute swan who lives in a dog house by a Carroll County pond. The big bird is an unofficial mascot of the local Humane Society. But staffers were worried about Grumpy after he disappeared a month ago. This week, Grumpy returned, dirty but unharmed. Society Executive Director Nicky Ratliff says Grumpy swam across the pond when they called his name. The bird is called Grumpy because his former owner said he didn’t get along with the other swans.  ***MARLAR: If the swan is mute, shouldn’t it be named after Dopey?

Iran hopes two dolls dressed in traditional Iranian clothing will outsell Barbie. It’s all part of the big plan to offset the influence of Western culture. ***MARLAR: Yet they are following the Western custom of selling all accessories separately.

A proposed Florida law would require that restaurants always have an adequate supply of toilet paper on hand. ***MARLAR: Doesn’t “adequate amount of toilet paper” change depending on what kind of food you serve?

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