Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 27, 2010

We fret about airport scanners, power lines, cell phones and even microwaves. It’s true that we get too much radiation. But it’s not from those sources – it’s from too many medical tests.  The U.S. accounts for half of the most advanced procedures that use radiation, and the average American’s dose has grown six-fold over the last couple of decades.  ***MARLAR: Good thing we have ObamaCare now to give us extra long lines to keep us out of the hospitals.

More than 100 members of a Christian religious sect have barricaded themselves in an abandoned building in southern Malawi over their refusal to give their children the measles vaccine, a regional health official said Wednesday.  Members of Seventh Day Apostolic Church say their doctrine forbids them from taking medication when they fall sick, as they believe prayer will bring divine healing.  ***MARLAR: I believe in prayer too… and I pray quite a bit for the money to afford medicine when I’m sick.

Four baby pythons escaped on a passenger plane in Australia. A Qantas airlines spokeswoman says the resulting search forced the cancellation of two flights. A dozen of the non-venomous Stimson pythons were packed in a plastic foam box with air holes, inside the plane’s cargo section. When the flight landed, airline workers realized four of the snakes were missing. The airline says searchers never did find the loose half-foot-long pythons.  ***MARLAR: Samuel L. Jackson was not available for comment.

It’s certainly not the way you want your sandwich heated. Two Domino’s Pizza employees now face felony charges in the aftermath of a YouTube video. Authorities in North Carolina say the video shows one of them putting cheese in his nostril and waving meat under his rear end while making a sandwich.  Police in Conover say Kristy Lynn Hammonds and Michael Anthony Setzer have turned themselves in. The Observer-News-Enterprise reports both face a charge of felony food tampering. Domino’s says there’s no evidence the food was served to customers. ***MARLAR: Domino’s fired the workers in thirty minutes or less.

Jurors in Southern California are deliberating the case of the stolen ketchup. Steve Rocco is charged with misdemeanor petty theft, after authorities say he took a bottle of ketchup from the cafeteria area at Chapman University.  Rocco is an eccentric former school board trustee, who claims he was framed. He says he was just recycling the bottle. Rocco’s lawyer says there was no crime because the ketchup was worth “zero dollars and zero cents.” Prosecutors said they tried to settle the case by getting Rocco to promise to stay away from the university, but he refused. If convicted, prosecutors say they’ll likely ask for probation for Rocco.  ***MARLAR: Sounds like he’d have a great insanity defense… the guy actually wants to be around school cafeterias.

The Sun reports Americans spend a whopping six hours a day gossiping. That’s the findings of an independent national poll from all 50 states about the time they spend dishing dirt. Not surprisingly, women gossip more than men, logging in six and a half hours daily talking to friends about subjects from their husbands to celebrities to other friends. But men aren’t exactly silent. The guys put in an average of five and a half hours. Their subjects were most likely to be their bosses, co-workers and sports figures.  ***MARLAR: I can’t believe this is true.  I didn’t read anything like this in the National Enquirer.

A recent study suggests that most of the pain experienced while visiting the dentist actually comes from the painful thoughts you have before ever getting into the chair. ***MARLAR: The rest of the pain comes from being forced to sit listen to instrumental versions of Led Zeplin songs.

A small town south of Hamburg, Germany, has been conducting a test for two years and found that government workers who were allowed to sleep on the job were more efficient that employees who stayed awake. ***MARLAR: Oh, so THAT’S what road workers are doing – they’re being EFFICIENT!

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