Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – June 30, 2010

The traders sell an array of bushmeat: monkey carcasses, smoked anteater, even preserved porcupine.  But this isn’t a roadside market in Africa – it’s the heart of Paris, where a new study has found more than five tons of bushmeat slips through the city’s main airport each week.  ***MARLAR: Once confiscated, the meat is sent to U.S. schools for “Mystery Meat Monday.”

It’s official: southern Illinois resident Roger Menees is the lowest of the low.  The former gospel singer from Anna, Ill., received a certificate this week from Guinness World Records saying he had sung the lowest note ever produced by a human voice.  Menees managed the feat on Feb. 11 at his Carbondale recording studio. He hit 0.393 hertz – a very low F-sharp. The previous record was 0.797 hertz.  ***MARLAR: He said it’s the lowest he could go without entering politics.

According to a study in the journal Human Factors, talking on a cell phone makes 18-to-25 year-old drive like they’re 70. Researchers at the University of Utah found that young motorists talking on their cell phones while driving move and react more slowly and increase their risk of accidents, almost mirroring the statistics of elderly drivers.  ***MARLAR: They also have a tendency to roll down their windows and yell “turn down your stereo you young whipper-snappers!”

A wild hog charged a woman in her yard and then led nine rescue and animal control officials on a chase through a St. Petersburg, Fla., neighborhood. Cassandra Frank spotted the black sow rooting around behind her home. The 200-pound animal made a run at her, catching her calf with a tusk and pushing her against a tree. Everyone is going to be OK.  ***MARLAR: They caught the hog – and good news, tomorrow in the animal control cafeteria they’re serving pork chops!

The St. Louis, Missouri, Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance that, if signed by the mayor, will allow police to seize the cars of people who blast loud music in residential areas. It also bans having any car speaker over a foot in diameter, more than one 10-inch speaker, more than 10 speakers total, more than two amplifiers or any amp over 300 watts. One dissenting alderman called it “almost idiotic” to impound a car for loud music.”  ***MARLAR: But nobody could hear him over all of the noise.

Blind people could one day use their tongues to help them “see”. Scientists have developed a device which transfers visual cues from a video camera to the brain through electrodes in the mouth. A map of the outside world is sent to a postage stamp-sized “tongue display unit” made of 144 electrodes which stimulates the highly sensitive tongue. ***MARLAR: So if someone sticks their tongue out at you, they may just be sight-seeing!

Sometimes your skivvies will just have to do. A Southern California man was sipping his coffee early the one morning, when his Ford Ranger suddenly started up and someone roared off in it. The man jumped in his wife’s van and chased the fleeing thief. The truck owner didn’t have time to grab his pants and was wearing only his underwear. According to Kirk Durbin, of the California Highway Patrol, the man said his tools were in the truck and he couldn’t afford to lose them. Durbin says the pickup owner finally rammed his stolen truck with the van and the thief ran away. By the time officers arrived, the wife of the pickup owner had brought him some clothes. Durbin says the guy’s “got a lot of courage.”  ***MARLAR: And yes, Mother… they were a clean pair.

The mayor of one Malaysia town wants to blow the whistle on litterbugs. Mayor Khazali Din is issuing whistles to officials in Alor Star city. The idea is for authorities to pucker-up and blow when they spot someone tossing trash. The mayor wants the litterbugs to be shamed when they’re caught. They also face fines of up to 85 bucks.  ***MARLAR: Residents are now complaining of noise pollution.

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