Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: March 03, 2011

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Energy experts are predicting gas prices will soar above four dollars a gallon this summer — some are even forecasting five dollars. ***MARLAR: I think national health care should also include free gas for our cars – because these soaring gas prices are making me sick.

Ever been itching to run a red light that just won’t change? Kansas lawmakers think motorcycle riders should be able to do just that.   The Kansas House last Tuesday approved a bill that would allow bikers to run a red light if the signal “fails” to turn green after a “reasonable period of time.” The proposal leaves the discretion in the hands of the motorcyclist, but is aimed at ensuring riders don’t get trapped in perpetuity at intersections because of signals that either malfunction or don’t detect the motorcycles. ***MARLAR: If you’re at a really long red light and you’re in a car, however, well… tough patooties.

Students may now use their cell phones and other electronic devices in Oshkosh, Wisconsin schools.  The Oshkosh school board approved the policy change by a vote of 6-1 last week.  The new policy allows high schoolers to use personal electronic devices in school hallways between class periods as well as before and after school. Devices also could be used in classrooms for educational purposes at the discretion of the teacher.  The proposal originated from West and North high school student governments. Students petitioned their principals to overturn the cell phone ban, which has been in place since 1990.  ***MARLAR: Although in 1990 you didn’t have the capability of cheating on tests by text message.

A Christian web developer hopes his new website will be a useful resource that will provide more information on hymns and their authors.  Dean Peters of Raleigh, North Carolina, hopes his new site, Hymnopedia.com, will grow into an exhaustive source of information on hymns and their authors. The new site allows its visitors to join in discussion, learn more about composers, and add new information about hymns.  ***MARLAR: If it’s a success, he plans to expand it into a Christian dating site by naming it Hymns and Hyrs.


An Ohio father is in trouble with the law for allegedly putting his 7-year-old daughter in the dryer, closing the door and turning it on.  Prosecutors say it wasn’t the first time the girl was put in the dryer.  ***MARLAR: Raising clean kids is so hard today.  The father has been arrested on a whole laundry list of charges.

Chinese people who live in government-sponsored housing in a prosperous southern province may be evicted if caught repeatedly spitting in public, according to a draft plan.  The plan, carried on the Guangzhou Land and House Management Bureau’s website (www.laho.gov.cn), also includes littering, making too much noise and gambling among more than 20 other “misdeeds” that would lead to eviction, based on a point system.  ***MARLAR: We have a similar thing here in America.  It’s called “college.”

In a survey by the group Cats Protection, 75 percent of cat owners over age 55 said they sometimes prefer to share their feelings with their cat rather than their spouse or friends. 81 percent of kids 13 and under said they’d rather talk to their cat about their feelings than to their parents or a friend. And among owners aged 20-to-40, 60 percent said they’d put up with their cat’s bad breath but not their spouse’s, nearly half get a better night’s sleep with their cat in bed than with their spouse, and 55 percent would tolerate their cat hogging the bed covers but not their spouse doing it.  ***MARLAR: And it’s okay for the cat to cough up a hairball, but just let your spouse do it… (This is silly.  I know from personal experience that you can talk to your husband about your feelings, and he’ll ignore you just as well as your cat can.)

A Spokane, Washington couple are collecting aluminum cans to help pay for their wedding.  Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer already have more than 18,000 cans in their living room – nearly 5 percent of their goal of collecting 400,000 of the containers.  The local paper says that would be about 5 tons of aluminum, worth about $3,800 when recycled.  ***MARLAR: And in true wedding fashion, they are delivering all of the cans themselves… tied to a string on the back of their car.

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