Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: March 10, 2011

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One small town Iowa doctor who was about to retire, saw the need for his services and reopened his doors with one major change. He doesn’t charge his patients a penny.  Dr. Keith Swanson, once a surgeon, is 78-years-old and lives in Atlantic, Iowa.  12 years ago, he retired and nearly left it all behind, to work for free overseas.  But, his wife thought better – and told him to re-open his clinic.  Swanson doesn’t charge anyone for the visits.  ***MARLAR: We went to the emergency clinic to get my wife four stitches when she cut her finger and it cost us five-hundred bucks.  I don’t care if she cuts her entire hand off next time – we’re driving to Atlantic, Iowa.

San Francisco has proposed a law banning the distribution of unsolicited phone books. If the law goes into effect, phone companies and Yellow Pages publishers will be prohibited from leaving phone books on doorsteps and lobbies without advanced permission — fines could be up to $500 per violation.  ***MARLAR: Which is pretty expensive for a child’s booster seat.

Need your children to have a little more get up and go?  A new study suggests that a furry, four-pawed best friend could be the key to getting your kid off the couch and away from the TV screen.  Teens from dog-owning families get about 15 more minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical activity than teens who don’t have any pets, the study said. ***MARLAR: Mostly because it’s the teenagers forced to take the dog out to do it’s doodie.

Cody Wilkins of Washington, DC. has been arrested – after he left his mobile phone on charge at the house of one of his victims.  Police searched the house he had fled and were stunned to find a phone, that didn’t belong to anyone at the house, charging in a socket.  Officers called one of the numbers in his contacts, told them the phone owner had been involved in an accident and asked for his name.  Police say that Wilkins’s home lost power in a recent storm and he needed to charge his phone but left it behind in his haste to flee.  ***MARLAR: So not only can they charge him with stealing money and jewelry, they can also charge him for charging.


Police lured an Arkansas man out of a tree with a sandwich his wife had fixed for him, then arrested him.  Joseph Rucker fled his home, ran into nearby woods and climbed about 50 feet up a tree after police responded to a domestic disturbance call at his home in Rockport.  Officers couldn’t find Rucker at first until dogs tracked him and alerted police to his lofty perch. Police then promised the 25-year-old Rucker a sandwich his wife had made to get him to come down.  ***MARLAR: A heartwarming story indeed… most men run up trees to get AWAY from their wives’ cooking!

One Florida juror is heading for the wrong side of the bars. Authorities report Sarah Muller cursed at a Marion County judge when he refused to excuse her from jury duty.  The judge charged her with criminal contempt of court.  She’s been sentenced to three days in jail and ordered to pay a $50 fine.  ***MARLAR: The punishment would’ve been more severe, but finding a jury of her peers would’ve proven too much for the prison system.

One southern Illinois city has an idea to combat high fuel prices: golf carts.  The city of Sesser has passed an ordinance that lets golf carts and similar vehicles with steering wheels on city streets. Sesser alderman Bob Woll came up with the idea, saying he can drive his electric golf cart for 25 miles on a 10-hour charge that costs $1.30.  The golf carts need a $35 annual permit, must be inspected and have certain safety features, like headlights and a horn.  Woll doesn’t expect hundreds of carts, but says he hopes the ordinance catches on.  ***MARLAR: The only difference is that if you’re about to hit a pedestrian you have to yell “Fore!”

In an effort to curb school violence, Taylor Thomas was suspended from a Dayton, Ohio, middle school after bringing a dangerous weapon to class. That dangerous weapon was a double fishtail comb. Even though it’s not listed as a banned item in the school code, officials are upholding the suspension. Her mom wants the suspension revoked, and any mention of it removed from Taylor’s school records. However, school officials said they are sticking by their decision and the suspension stands.  ***MARLAR: When combs are outlawed, only outlaws will have combs!

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