Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – March 20, 2010

A heavy-duty helicopter plucked a mustang named Colorado off a western Arizona river sandbar Tuesday morning, reuniting him with his owner.  Colorado spent five days stranded on the sandbar along the Gila River about 36 miles southwest of Phoenix.  The Gila’s swift-moving current prevented an earlier rescue and the horse was trapped on the sandbar with a few bushes and trees to munch on. His rider was one of three people rescued after they tried to ride in the river Friday.  A veterinarian prepped the 900-pound horse for the flight Tuesday by injecting him with a tranquilizer before placing him in a harness with blinders on.  Once he was airborne, Colorado flew effortlessly and never bucked, his black mane and tail blowing in the wind.  ***MARLAR: Well, it is getting warmer now – we’ll probably see a lot more horseflies.

An American infertility clinic seeking business in Britain has prompted fierce criticism by offering free eggs from a U.S. woman to one participant in a promotional seminar Wednesday evening in London.  The event has sparked a debate in Britain about the ethics of an event that many said violated the spirit, if not the letter, of a European Union law forbidding fertile women from being paid for their eggs.  ***MARLAR: And during the Easter season, nonetheless!

Lots of couples fight over who’ll do the dishes. But this kitchen dispute ended up in the hands of the law. Police in Fort Worth, Texas, charge Briana Lin Pouncy bit her boyfriend, smacked him in the face with a picture frame and even swung a sword at him. Officers say the 20-year-old woman was mad at her boyfriend for not washing the dishes. According to authorities, Pouncy tried to kick Joseph Boykins out of their apartment and roughed him up a bit. Officers say she missed with the sword, but connected her teeth. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports she’s now charged with aggravated assault and free on $10,000 bond.  ***MARLAR: A sword?  Was the butter-knife dirty?

If you’ve tried to learn a new language before you head out on a foreign vacation and find it more difficult as you get older, scientists now say they know why. Instead of language skills deteriorating with age, as was once thought, they say the brain becomes better at filtering out sounds that we don’t use in our native language. That means we don’t recognize sounds that may be common in other languages. They say it explains why children are better at picking up languages, since their brains have yet to learn how to tune out the unneeded sounds. They say the study could lead to new ways of teaching adults foreign languages that would make them easier to learn.  ***MARLAR: So the older we get, the less we listen to others?  Show of hands – how many marriages does THAT explain?

If you’re stressed about possibly being diagnosed with breast cancer, keep it up! According to a new British study, women with high levels of stress in their everyday lives are at less risk than others of developing breast cancer for the first time.  However, they pointed out that this theory is only speculation and needs a more thorough investigation.  ***MARLAR: Which is really stressing them out – and they couldn’t be more excited about that.

A man in Mexico protested the way people with tattoos and piercings are treated as freaks by hanging himself from a tree, suspended by wires through his various piercings.  ***MARLAR: Which is the best way to get someone to think you’re a freak.

Lemon sharks grow a new set of teeth every two weeks. That means one shark will go through more than 24,000 new teeth in a year.  ***MARLAR: And that the tooth fairy will be one tuckered out little sprite.

Internet auctioneer eBay has cancelled the sale of a purported piece of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Cheops. If the piece truly is real, it would be illegal to sell, and the Antiquities Director of the Pyramids insists that is, indeed, a fake.  ***MARLAR:  Yes, they put a stop to another pyramid scheme.

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