Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – March 23, 2010

Scientists have just discovered that when a shrimp is first born, it is male, and as it gets older it gradually matures into a female.  ***MARLAR: It took them until now to realize that immaturity was in the males?

In California, a man has been arrested for allegedly cutting off the hair of several long-haired women. The suspect is thought to have attacked at least four women, using either a knife or scissors. ***MARLAR: He’s been sentenced to four years in prison, then rinse and repeat.

Cave explorers in Croatia have discovered what they think is the world’s steepest underground vertical drop: a cave that steadily descents 203 feet, then suddenly plunges 1,693 feet straight down.  ***MARLAR: The guy who first discovered the drop was quoted as saying, “AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!”

Police said a man broke into a Pittsburgh home and climbed into bed with its owner, apparently because he was drunk and cold following a rap concert. Homeowner Frank Fontana says he was in bed when the man climbed in about 5:30 Wednesday morning. Fontana says he asked whether it was a woman who has keys to his home – and he grabbed a baseball bat when a deep male voice answered, “No, it’s not.”  ***MARLAR: I can understand his mistaking the cold man for a woman… my wife’s feet are always freezing.

A 25-year-old man did not take his inability to get more beer well. Lafourche sheriff’s spokeswoman Lesley Hill Peters said the man was accused of breaking furniture and throwing a beer bottle at a woman after she refused to give him car keys so he could buy more beer on Monday night.  ***MARLAR: Isn’t getting angry about not being able to get more beer the top sign that you’ve had too much beer?

Carl Miner of Blytheville, Arkansas, got a painful lesson in the importance of voting. He was on the ballot, running unopposed for school board, and he still lost when he didn’t get a single vote. He’s the first county candidate ever to get zero votes. Miner said he tried to vote for himself, but the polls were closed when he got there.  ***MARLAR: He was too busy planning his victory party that no one showed up for.

Not many prison escapes are announced in advance. But authorities in West Virginia are asking concerned citizens not to help if they see a couple of escaped inmates next Wednesday. The “fugitives” won’t be fugitives at all, but sheriff’s deputies. It’s all part of a drill planned for the Mount Olive Correctional Complex. Officials say the exercise will involve road blocks, K-9 units and possible car inspections. And they don’t want civilians trying to catch their escapees. ***MARLAR: Now that it’s been announced in advance, I wonder how many of the real prisoners in West Virginia know of this unique opportunity for an escape attempt.

A St. Petersburg, Florida, woman said a school bus that struck her house was at least the seventh vehicle to collide with her home. Virginia Zinn said the school bus struck the overhang of her home while attempting to turn from an unpaved 10-foot alley onto a street. Police estimated the cost of the damage, which the school district has promised to pay for, at about $800. Zinn said garbage trucks, commercial vehicles and semi-trailers have repeatedly crashed into the side of her home during the 11-years that she has lived there.  ***MARLAR: He’s the ironic part – during the day do you know what she does for a living?  She runs a drive-thru!

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