Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 03, 2010

A 41-year-old woman was jailed after police say she went on a blow gun spree in Stevens Point.  Police got a report from a 25-year-old woman who said she was walking downtown when she felt something hit her chest. In the next half hour, three more people made similar reports. None were seriously injured.  One of the victims reported she saw the dart shot from a pipe sticking out the window of a black minivan. Police pulled the vehicle over at 9:30 p.m.  and found a blow gun, a slingshot and a bucket of rocks inside.  Police arrested the van’s driver, Paula Wolf, and said she eventually admitted to shooting the pedestrians. She allegedly told an officer that she “liked to hear people say ouch.  ***DUANE MATZ: She has been assigned to an IRS office until her trial date.

According to a study by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, more than a third of US high school students think the First Amendment goes “too far” in granting free speech rights, and only half think newspapers should be allowed to publish stories without government approval. Only 83 percent think people should be allowed to express unpopular views. A Foundation spokesman called the trend disturbing and dangerous.  ***MARLAR: Free speech goes too far?  Fine – I guess we can tell these kids to shut up then, can’t we?

A group of Dutch tourists who got lost while hiking in the Andes in Chile thought that the whole thing was a practical joke set up by the tour guide. The 17 men and women were found 24 hours later suffering from a small degree of dehydration.  ***MARLAR: The tour guide was found a few hours after that stuffed into a sleeping bag and rolled down a mountain.

Birthdays in the Humphries-Montgomery family aren’t hard to remember. Mom, dad and now baby, too, all share the same birth date. Dynia Humphries and her husband, Brian Montgomery, were both born on December 14th. Wouldn’t you know it, their son D’Majae was born on December 14th. It wasn’t planned that way. The baby arrived at a suburban Chicago hospital two days after his due date. The new mom says no one can believe it. But Montgomery says he had a feeling it might happen months before, when his wife first told him she was pregnant.  ***MARLAR: They can’t have a birthday cake with candles for the whole family though because it’s considered a fire hazard.

University of Tennessee library employee James Everett was arrested for emptying library “pay” copy machines one nickel and dime at a time …  for 19 years, resulting in a total theft of $20,000.  ***MARLAR: Okay… let’s do the math.  That’s 19 years, times 365 days a year for a total of 6,935 days, divided into $20,000.  That comes to about $2.88 each day.  Looks like someone found lunch money!

Australian medical researchers say that a popular insomnia drug has been shown to make people gain weight by sleepwalking to the kitchen and eating in their sleep.  ***MARLAR: Ironically, the only diet pill on the market that can counteract the weight-gain causes insomnia.

Stanford University reports that child-like reasoning is how fish determine their social pecking order.  ***MARLAR: They reached this conclusion after observing which fish sat at the “cool table” in the cafeteria.

An Australian biotech company has invented an implant that gives you a perfect tan in just two days. The tiny high-tech device is put under the skin to stimulate melanin production which results in a suntan that lasts two months.  ***MARLAR: And in just four days you can have skin that looks and feels just like leather.

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