Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 08, 2010

Color the NYPD blue — green. New York’s finest have 40 new hybrid cruisers. The Nissan Altima hybrids were rolled out at New York Police Department headquarters in lower Manhattan. They’re the first gas-electric hybrids to be used on patrol by the nation’s largest police department. Police officials say the hybrids will get about twice the miles-per-gallon as their old cruisers.  ***MARLAR: And because it’s partially electric, they can use the cars to recharge their tazers.

Self-service gas might become a thing of the past thanks to Nico van Staveren, a service station owner from Emmeloord, Netherlands. Monday, he unveiled the world’s first robotic gas pump. It has a robot arm with multiple sensors that can find the gas flap, open it, unscrew the cap, and guide the fuel nozzle into the tank opening. so a driver never again has to get smelly gas on his hands. The inventor said he was inspired when he was on a farm, saw a milking machine on a cow and thought, “If a robot can do that, then why can’t it fill a car tank?”  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, because the robot is used to dealing with cows, it only fills your car with Methane.

Dieters who weighed themselves at least weekly lost more weight than those who didn’t, according to research from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation.  ***MARLAR: But they also suffered more severe depression.

Angela Thomas thought she was saving her 9-year-old daughter from some grief over a lost pet. She found her daughter Danielle’s pet hamster dead in its cage one day and did what many parents have done — she buried it and proceeded to buy a new one without telling her daughter. Then that hamster died. After burying hamster number two, Angela spoke with a vet who told her that hamsters hibernate. If they decided to get hamster number 3, she’s been told to check its vital signs before assuming the hamster is dead.  ***MARLAR: If I were you, I wouldn’t take a long nap at the Thomas house.

Just imagine getting into a car crash, and then the MedEvac helicopter taking you to the hospital also crashes — and you alone survive? That’s exactly what happened to a teenager Maryland, Jordan Wells. She says that it all happened when she was home from college one weekend last fall when she and her best friend, Ashley Younger, decided to go to a local carnival and mall.  ***MARLAR: God has plans for your life, girl… don’t waste it.

44% of you will play hooky from work one day this summer to have fun in the sun reports a new survey.  ***MARLAR: I got dibs on June 15th!

In Brooklyn, N.Y., a 38-year-old man was arrested and his arsenal of guns seized after he was spotted in a city park taking target practice at a photo of his mother-in-law. ***MARLAR: Happy Mother’s Day!

The government has determined that meat and milk from cloned animals is just as safe as the old-fashioned kind.  ***MARLAR: I thought that hot dog last night tasted familiar.

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