Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 09, 2010

The Milwaukee Bucks’ rallying cry – “fear the deer” – turned into a punchline recently when two deer burst through the glass doors of a suburban Milwaukee bar as patrons watched a Bucks playoff game. Bucks fans chant “fear the deer” in support of their team. After the deer broke in, customers joked that the cry had a new meaning to them.  ***MARLAR: And now we know why Rudolph has a red nose.  He’s apparently been drinking.

Authorities said a central Florida man took one last swig of alcohol while waiting to take a sobriety test. Marion County Sheriff’s deputies stopped 61-year-old Dana Seaman after noticing his car swerve three times. Seaman said he’d been drinking and agreed to a sobriety test. But first, Deputy Eric Larson said he watched Seaman drink from a cup and toss it under the passenger seat.  ***MARLAR: What are they going to do, charge you with DWI twice at the same stop?

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering changing the way airline cabins are pressurized to provide more oxygen to passengers. ***MARLAR: The challenge is to maintain the delicate ventilation balance required on the modern jetliner. Passengers need enough oxygen so that they don’t pass out but not enough that they can smell the in-flight meal.

Authorities said a Florida man intentionally ran over another man who was trying to save a parking spot at a gas station. The victim was standing in a spot to reserve it for his wife at the Murphy USA gas station in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  The man saving the spot told deputies that he held up his hands when another man pulled up to the line, but the man drove forward and hit him in the knees.  When the victim yelled at the man to stop, authorities said the suspect pulled forward and hit the man again.  The suspect was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.  ***MARLAR: And the victim now gets front row parking wherever he wants thanks to his new handicapped license plate.

For years people who doodle during meetings were considered to be not paying attention or daydreaming. But now researchers are telling us that doodling can be a sign of creativity and deeper thought on the subject at hand than those who don’t doodle. One study found that people who doodle can remember a higher percentage of what was talked about that those who don’t doodle.  ***MARLAR: I don’t really have anything to add to this story… I just like saying the word doodle.

Love can naturally lead to marriage which can naturally lead to – physical fitness? Married people are more physically fit than their single counterparts. Researchers at Stanford University say they believe married couples are more fit because the husbands and wives encourage one another to exercise. ***MARLAR: That’s true. My wife is always telling me to take a hike.

Thieves in Switzerland stole four paintings by artists such as van Gogh and Monet worth $163 million.  ***MARLAR: Police say the crooks are armed and pretentious.

Fluffy, a 24-foot python billed as the largest snake in captivity, is staying put to lure visitors into the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. ***MARLAR: Well, that’s THEIR story.  But then, YOU try telling a snake where to go.

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