Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 11, 2010

Radio Shack employee James Knol of Eau Claire, Wisconsin crossed that line recently. Knol not only refused to accept a return item from customer Leigh Carey, but he also started punching him so violently that a witness called ‘911.’ Apparently, Knol went all ‘Incredible Hulk’ when Carey asked to see his manager. Knol was charged with disorderly conduct and battery.   ***MARLAR: By the way, if you’re looking for conductors and batteries, you can find them at Radio Shack.

Police in Poland have arrested a man for a series of raids in which he allegedly climbed into large parcels and mailed himself to businesses.  Stanislaw Muchy, 39, would then apparently climb out at night after staff had clocked off and rob the premises, reports Metro.  He made his getaway by sealing both himself and his loot into another box addressed to his Warsaw home, say police.  His scheme came to an end after he fell out with an accomplice, whose job was to deliver him to courier firms, who contacted police.  After being tipped off, police said: “We arranged a special delivery of our own.”  ***MARLAR: He had to keep robbing businesses to pay for postage.

All your colleagues out taking smoking breaks in front of the building may be taking a toll on your company’s bottom line. But few firms even offer help to kick the habit.  A new survey by the nonprofit National Business Group on Health finds just four percent of employers have stop-smoking programs. And that may be bad business, because all those smoking breaks could be costing companies nine weeks of lost productivity every year.  ***MARLAR: I’m actually thinking about taking up smoking… I need the extra breaks from work.

In Australia, a kangaroo smashed through a man’s bedroom window and repeatedly bounced on his bed! The man said, “My initial thought when I was half awake was: it’s a lunatic ninja coming through the window. He was happy that it was a kangaroo and not the ninja.  ***MARLAR: I know the folks down under think a bit differently, but how many of us discover an intruder in the house and immediately think, “Oh no… lunatic ninja!”

A university in Liverpool has launched a Master of Arts degree specializing in the city’s most famous product, The Beatles. ***MARLAR: Upon completing the degree, graduates will be qualified to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

Tina Burlett thought someone broke into her Michigan home and stole her wedding ring. The custom-made jewelry is worth five-thousand dollars. She called police, who filed a report. But Burlett’s grandmother had a different suspect in mind: the family pooch. The pit bull named Missy had been caught gnawing on V-C-R’s, electric blankets and a diamond earring. X-rays proved the grandmother right. The valuable bauble was inside Missy’s belly. ***MARLAR: Funeral services for the dog will be next Tuesday.

Peru’s government says it’s high time Peruvians were on time. Chronic lateness in Peru is often overlooked as an endearing cultural trait, with weddings, funerals and business meetings rarely starting on time. It’s even considered rude to be punctual for a party. But the government says the time has come to change that attitude. ***MARLAR: Here in the United States it’s called “church time.”

Scientists at Oxford University’s Imperial Cancer Research Fund found that people who eat fresh fruit daily had 24 percent fewer heart attacks and 32 percent fewer strokes. ***MARLAR: Do strawberry Pop Tarts count as fresh fruit?

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