Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 16, 2010

Two peacocks strutting their stuff have motorists on alert in one Ohio community. Police in Fairfield Township north of Cincinnati said more than a dozen people have called 911 in the last month to report they spotted the flamboyant birds. Police Chief Richard St. John isn’t sure where they came from, and he’s concerned the unusual sights could startle motorists and pose a traffic hazard. ***MARLAR: Will NBC stop at nothing to get ratings? (Short of keeping Conan, that is.)

Authorities in Ohio said a woman tried to rob a bank with a note and then attempted to eat it once she saw a uniformed officer in line behind her. ***MARLAR: It’s a good thing they caught her before the robbery – can you imagine how much paper she would’ve had to eat had she successfully robbed the bank?

An 89-year-old Ohio woman arrested for refusing to return a neighbor kid’s football has dropped her lawsuit against the boy’s parents. Edna Jester’s attorney filed to drop the lawsuit on Monday. She had sued her next-door neighbors in December, claiming she suffered emotional distress because footballs and other playthings belonging to them keep landing in her yard in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash. In October, Jester confiscated the neighbor boy’s football and wouldn’t give it back. She was taken to a police station charged with petty theft. The prosecutor later dropped the case. The lawsuit had sought unspecified monetary damages from neighbors Paul and Kelly Tanis. The family could not be reached for comment. ***MARLAR: They were too busy getting their stuff back from the lady’s yard.

According to a new study by David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, it could be cell phones that are causing traffic congestion. On average, drivers talking on a cell phone drive 2 miles slower than non cell-talking drivers. David says, “The distracted driver tends to drive slower and have delayed reactions. Then people kind of get stuck behind that person and it makes everyone pay the price of that distracted driver.” On a gridlocked route, it will take a driver using his mobile phone 3 percent longer to finish his journey and 2 percent longer on a medium-congested road. That adds about 20 hours a year to an American commuter’s trip on average. ***MARLAR: So shut up and drive!

This is weird! A batch of well-preserved shoe soles have been found in an ancient trash dump in Lyon, France. They date from the 13th to the 18th centuries. Older shoes have been found, including one from 2,000 years ago discovered in 2005 in a hollow tree trunk in southwest England. Sandals from 10,000 years ago were found in a cave in Oregon and are said to be the oldest foot ware ever found. ***MARLAR: The dig was sponsored by Dr. Scholls.

A mother in Tanzania panicked after she found her baby son suckling milk from their dog, but he seems to be perfectly fine. ***MARLAR: Except every time she tries to put him down for a nap, he turns around in a circle three times.

Royal Caribbean has ordered a ship that fits 6400 passengers. Some see inherent dangers in a cruise liner that big. ***MARLAR: For one, Karaoke night will last that much longer.

A woman in northeastern Brazil has given birth to what one doctor called a “giant baby,” a boy weighing 16.7 pounds. ***MARLAR: They plan on using an entire Toyota Prius as the baby’s first car seat.

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