Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 19, 2010

The Charles County sheriff’s office said a man called 911 and made up a story about being robbed so that he could get a ride home. Authorities said they were called to Hawthorne Road near Manor Drive in Ripley for a reported armed robbery on Thursday. The man told officers that he had been walking on Route 225 when a car stopped and a someone put a gun to his head and demanded money. The man claimed to have complied and the suspects fled. But as officers searched the area and noticed inconsistencies in his account, the man admitted fabricating the robbery story because he wanted a ride home. ***MARLAR: The man did get his wish – but the officers took him to his NEW home at the city jail.

Saginaw County inmates are being asked to volunteer for work picking up roadkill. Sheriff William L. Federspiel told The Saginaw News that he got the idea to put inmates to work on the “Dead Carcasses Patrol Unit” after seeing a slew of dead skunks, deer and raccoons while driving to the office. Federspiel said it’s “not real pleasant” to see animal carcasses rotting on the side of the road. A two- or three-person crew, wearing goggles and latex gloves, is expected to pick up animals on Mondays starting May 17. ***MARLAR: But hey, good news! Saginaw County Prisons has meat back on the menu!

Chicken fat as truck fuel? It’s possible. Right now, 90 percent of biodiesel fuel is made from soybean oil. But the industry is looking to cheaper animal fats to produce fuels. A spokesman for Tyson Foods, which produces more than two billion pounds of chicken fat every year, says it has started using a chicken fat-based fuel in its trucking fleet. One refiner in Missouri is looking to combine chicken fat and soybean oil to make a fuel that is both affordable and effective. But the fat does have its drawbacks. It’s said to have uneven quality. And one expert says distribution could be limited to southern areas because the fat could cloud in cold temperatures. ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t this cause the roads to constantly smell like KFC? Good for the bottom line – bad for the bottom.

Terence Candell Junior isn’t your ordinary college kid. The Cal State-East Bay junior really is a kid. Terence is just twelve years old. He’s the youngest student on campus and is interested in mass communications. Terence was doing high-school level work by age six and took his S-A-T’s when he was just nine. While his academic future looks bright, being a kid genius does have some drawbacks. Unlike the other Cal State students, Terence needs to call his dad when he wants a ride home. ***MARLAR: And his fraternity house is up in the branches of a tree with a wooden ladder and sign saying, “No Girls Allowed.”

In Fort Pierce, Florida, a 65-year-old man tried to steal a candy bar from a Texaco gas station by stuffing it down his pants. When he got caught he then offered the station owner $69 not to turn him in for shoplifting. But the owner turned down the bribe, called police and the candy-loving grandpa now faces charges of retail theft and violation of probation charges. ***MARLAR: So what would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

A Wisconsin man was arrested for stealing 19 containers of deodorant! He said he had a good reason for it, too. And no it had nothing to do with body odor! He told the police that the next day was his birthday and he planned on selling the deodorant to buy stuff for his birthday party. ***MARLAR: Really? And what’s the black market value of Ban Roll On?

A study sponsored by Travelodge found that 60% of workers sleep lousy on Sunday night. ***MARLAR: Because they know they have to get up on Monday morning!

Jerry Rose of Parma Township, Michigan, was charged with a six-month-old murder after Rose attended a party, played a game where you have to name the “Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done,” and he allegedly said, “Shot a guy.” ***MARLAR: Actually, that’s now the second stupidest thing.

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