Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 27, 2010

A Waterloo woman who allegedly left a hospital with a heart monitor still attached is charged with theft. Police said Wendi Mae Mingus was a patient at Allen Hospital on May 8 when she walked outside to have a cigarette. She was attached to a wireless heart monitor valued at $1,000.  ***MARLAR: Maybe she could pay the hospital back the $1,000 by giving them three aspirin tablets.

A 43-year-old transient woman accused of stealing a Missoula parking enforcement scooter while the attendant was writing a ticket has been arrested again, this time for apparently trying to steal a police car. The woman was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony theft and drug possession after the three-wheeled scooter crashed into a parked car. She was released from jail Wednesday afternoon.  But she was arrested again Thursday for allegedly trying to climb inside a Missoula police car while two officers responded to a traffic stop. ***MARLAR: How about talking to the police officers who keep leaving the keys in their vehicles?  They’re just daring this woman to steal the vehicles aren’t they?  And wouldn’t a good lawyer argue that’s Entrapment?

British scientists are testing an anti-speeding device, which uses space satellite signals and cuts the fuel supply to cars breaking speed limits. The device called an “intelligent speed adapter,” uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a vehicle and refers to a digital map inside the car to signal when the speed limit has been breached. The device could then cut fuel supply to the engine if the driver continued to break the speed limit. Dr. Oliver Carsten of Leeds University says that if the so-called “spy in the sky” were introduced into Britain it could save up to 2,000 lives a year.  ***MARLAR: While simultaneously doubling the number of road rage incidents.

A London couple managed to taint their wedding memories by getting arrested. It turns out that Joanne Dixon and her new husband stole her wedding dress a few months before their big day. The two may have gotten away with it, but they decided to submit a wedding photo to announce their nuptials in a local newspaper. A shocked Linda Purdey recognized the dress as one stolen from her shop four months earlier and called the police. Joanne Dixon and her husband Che were both arrested and fined for stealing the $525 dress.  ***MARLAR: It’s something old, something new, something BORROWED and something blue – not something STOLEN and something blue.

Do you have a hard time keeping plants and flowers alive? Help could be on the way! Researchers at Edinburgh University have pioneered a genetically modified “super potato” that glows when it needs water and the same could be done in your plants a few years down the road. Scientists apparently injected potato plants with a fluorescence gene borrowed from the luminous jellyfish, which causes their leaves to glow green when dehydrated.  ***MARLAR: That’s pretty cool – couch potatoes could be their own night light.

Should you find yourself in a bar in New York City, and the music playing makes you want to get up and dance, please resist the urge.  A state court has upheld the city’s Prohibition era law that bans social dancing in bars, restaurants and certain clubs.  Those who like to get up and boogie sued, arguing the 80-year-old law illegally infringes on their right of free expression. But the court says recreational dancing isn’t a form of protection that’s protected either by the state or U.S. constitutions.  ***MARLAR: In fact, laws against dancing actually protect those of us who’d be forced to watch.

A University of Washington study found that the price of low-calorie foods have increased 20% since 2005. At the same time, high-calorie food costs remained stable.  ***MARLAR: That’s right – it’s more expensive to eat healthy, meaning that eating candy bars and Cheetos is just simply good stewardship.

In Lodi, California, a grandmother, her daughter and some grandkids were all arrested after trying to shoplift $900 worth of stuff from a Target Store.  ***MARLAR: Good thing they were caught – they were robbing Target for generations.

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