darrensdailydoseofnews12A sheriff in North Carolina has painted his jail walls pink and decorated them with teddy bears. Sheriff Warren Hedge hopes the soft surroundings will humiliate criminals so much they won’t commit crimes again once they are released. He says the experiment at Davidson Country Jail in North Carolina is working as the number of re-offenders has fallen since he decorated. Hodge says, “We have a lot of muscle-bound, tattooed guys in here who have done silly things. The pink walls and the teddy bears bring them down a bit.” ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t this be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”?

A Malaysian motorist has been given a speeding ticket for driving faster than the speed of sound. Lee Ah Chai received three tickets which indicated he must have covered an 18 mile stretch of road in just one minute. He would have had to have been traveling at 1120 mph. Sound travels at about 740 mph. In another case, a taxi driver got a ticket which said he had been caught doing 695 miles per hour, close to the speed of sound. Authorities believe faulty equipment was responsible in both cases. ***MARLAR: Gee, you think?

Nicole Uribe of Pueblo, Colorado, was arrested on charges of swapping a 5-month-old boy for a down payment on a used Dodge Intrepid and cash.   Nicole and the two who took the baby-trade, were arrested on suspicion of felony trafficking in children. The baby was placed in a foster home.  ***MARLAR: That’s got to be a shot to your self esteem later in life.  “So I was traded for a car?  What was it… a Jaguar?”  “No.” “A Mercedes?”  “No… it was a used Dodge Intrepid.”  “A WHAT?!??!”

Turn out the lights. While the party may not be over, the law has been changed in the central Illinois town of Pekin. For decades, an ordinance required that all cars parked on city streets after dark keep a light on. People complained the law left cars with dead batteries and motorists with short tempers. Many risked a ten-buck ticket rather than having to get a jump start in the morning. In voting to dump the ordinance, Councilman Daryl Dagit says it was time to stop harassing citizens with an outdated law. But some opposed the change, saying the light law helped keep streets clear of cars after dark.  ***MARLAR: And harder for residents of Pekin to peek-in! 

Ben and Jerry or Haagen-Dazs might help you get pregnant, but not in the usual way. A study suggests a diet rich in ice cream and other high-fat dairy foods may lower the risk of one type of infertility. But some doctors say it sounds too good to be true and probably is. ***MARLAR: Whew!  That’s good… for a second there I thought I’d have to give up my Chunky Monkey!

Did you know that the word “tip,” meaning a gratuity, was originally an acronym standing for “To Insure Promptness”?  ***MARLAR: So why then do we leave the “tip” after we have been served and not before?

Researchers in Italy say that heavy drinking may lead to liver disease. ***MARLAR: Thank heavens for stories like this, otherwise we might not ever know!

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