Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – May 31, 2010

Corvallis School District officials say 20 boys have been disciplined for taking part in a fight club at a Cheldelin Middle School.  No one was seriously injured in the fights that took place after school in a restroom.  Principal Lisa Harlan told the Gazette-Times newspaper that no particular individual or group was being targeted. She says the boys are friends with each other and told her the fighting was fun.  ***MARLAR: Apparently someone needs to review the rules of Fight Club – particularly Rule #1.

A worker at a furniture liquidation business in Richland found bundles of cash hidden in the back of an armoire.  ***MARLAR: And all of the bills contain the words, “In Aslan We Trust.”

Sugarless gum could give you diarrhea. That’s the word from a German case study published in the British Medical Journal. Agence France Presse reports that people who chew lots of gum with sorbitol, a sugar substitute that also has laxative properties, could suffer from chronic diarrhea.  ***MARLAR: Boy do I owe my wife an apology.  I’ve been saying it was her lasagna.

You might think that dating comes naturally to college students. But students at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota are able to take a course entitled, “Finding Dates Worth Keeping.”  The course carries one credit, and instructor Laurie Chaplin who’s been married for 29 years and has three children says today’s young people need help in establishing lifelong relationships. But the course doesn’t just focus on finding dates. Students also learn the art of breaking up.  ***MARLAR: Former graduates of the class – Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears.

So why do Wisconsin residents call drinking fountains “bubblers”? The answer might date back to a 1910s marketing campaign. Joan Hall is editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English. She says early drinking fountains marketed in southeast Wisconsin by Kohler Co. contained “bubbling valves” that made the water bubble as it came through. The name “bubbler” eventually stuck. The Dictionary of American Regional English is close to being finished after four decades of work. It’s a collection of regional words and phrases.  ***MARLAR: Does it also explain why they call ATM machines “TIME” machines despite the fact that H. G. Wells didn’t invent them?

Did you know that the word “tip,” meaning a gratuity, was originally an acronym standing for “To Insure Promptness”?  ***MARLAR: So why then do we leave the “tip” after we have been served and not before?

Researchers in Italy say that heavy drinking may lead to liver disease. ***MARLAR: Thank heavens for stories like this, otherwise we might not ever know!

A New York entrepreneur is hosting “Eye Gazing” parties, where singles try to find their soul mates by staring into each other’s eyes for three minutes without talking.  ***MARLAR: Women hate the idea because they have to stay quiet for three minutes.

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