Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – November 01, 2010

Better check your kids bags of leftover Halloween candy for Colombian Mega Pops. A test of the lollipops found tiny metal flakes in them. Family Dollar has recalled the pops, which were also sold at a few other discount stores, and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has issued a warning. Consumers are recommended to throw the candy away or return it to the store for a refund. ***MARLAR: Or take it back to the house where you originally got it and demand some real candy, because even without metal flakes – lollipops are a lousy treat.

Salisbury, Mass., has a new sewage pump-out boat, with a very clever name.  The vessel’s unglamorous job is to travel from boat to boat and pump out onboard septic systems. Harbormaster Ray Pike says the town’s harbor commission got hundreds of suggestions for the boat’s name including Poo Bear, Pumpty Dumpty, Poop Sloop and Dung Dingy.  But they finally settled on naming the sewage pumping boat Down Winder.  ***MARLAR: Not just a clever name, but also good advice.

Using food stamps to buy sodas, teas, sports drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages would not be allowed in New York City under a new government effort to battle obesity.  ***MARLAR: Meanwhile, it’s still perfectly fine to use food stamps for HoHo’s, Twinkies, and Cheez Whiz.

An Arizona woman accidentally glued an eye shut when she mistook super glue for her eye drops. KSAZ-TV said Irmgard Holm of Glendale had cataract surgery a year ago. She was reaching for what she thought was one of her half-dozen eye drop medications. The burning sensation told her immediately something was seriously wrong.  Holm said the eye drops and the super glue bottles are nearly identical.  After putting super glue in her eye, Holm says she tried washing it out. But the quick-drying substance did what it was supposed to and sealed her eye shut.  Holm got to the hospital and staff cut off the hardened glue covering her eye. Once the eye was opened, doctors washed it out to prevent major damage.  ***MARLAR: The woman says she doesn’t see that mistake happening again.

Now, you can do some whale watching, even from your landlocked cubicle in Kansas. Award-winning documentary maker David Anderson has mounted seven cameras and an underwater viewing pod on his 50-foot, high-speed Catamaran. Web surfers can go along for a virtual whale watching ride at www.whalewatchingtv.com. Anderson says his cruises off the Southern California coast are now like a reality show — but the whales and dolphins are the stars.  ***MARLAR: Meanwhile, please remember that whale hunting is still illegal in Kansas (yes – it’s a real law)!

Authorities report a phony cop picked the wrong driver to try to pull over. Police on New York’s Long Island charge Luther Scott flashed an NYPD patch and tried to stop a real off-duty Suffolk County police officer. Authorities say Scott took off when he saw the officer’s genuine badge. But the off-duty officer took down the license plate number. Scott was busted and charged with criminal impersonation.  ***MARLAR: On the upside, spending all of this time at the precinct allows him to study real cops so he can improve for next time.

Gone fishin’. But a Maryland lawyer’s time at a creek was on behalf of his client. Washington County Assistant Public Defender Charles Bailey went fishing for evidence.  He used a magnet to pull a gun from Antietam Creek in just 30 minutes. The recovered gun backs up his client’s story about an armed robbery. Prosecutors promised a reduced sentence for the suspect’s cooperation. Bailey tells a local paper (The Hagerstown Herald-Mail) his client gets a jail term of 18 months instead of four years.  ***MARLAR: Sadly, it was a catch and release stream so they had to throw the gun back.

An unknown creature caught on video lurking beneath a lagoon in West Palm Beach, Fla., has the city wondering what it could be? The mysterious creature was videotaped by the LagoonKeepers.org, a group that patrols the city’s waterways in search of debris. Greg Reynolds, a member of the group, says “I hollered out … and said, ‘What is that?’ We followed it, and started taking video.”  Don Serrano, who was with Reynolds, said the creature was “different, very different.” Reynolds said he and Serrano tried to catch up to it, but that every time they would get close to it, “it would just disappear.”  ***MARLAR: They’d get close – and then it would disappear.  So he nicknamed the creature “The World Series Winning Chicago Cubs.”

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