Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – October 15, 2010

Genetically modified salmon for dinner? Diners might not even know it.  If the Food and Drug Administration approves the engineered fish for human consumption, the agency then will have to decide the label it will carry in grocery stores. ***MARLAR: Do you really need a label if the fish glows in the dark so brightly that you don’t need a refrigerator bulb?

Deer collision season is back. State transportation officials are warning drivers again that the height of deer’s mating season is October and November.  ***MARLAR: Sounds like “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” should actually be a Halloween song.

Congress has bolted for the campaign trail without finishing its most basic job – approving a budget for the government year. Lawmakers also postponed a major fight over taxes, two embarrassing ethics cases and other political hot potatoes until voters render their verdict in the Nov. 2 elections.  As a last necessary task before leaving, both the Senate and House passed a temporary spending measure needed to keep federal agencies operating when the new budget year starts. ***MARLAR: In other words, the only thing they voted for was to continue getting paid while they took time off from work to tell you how hard they’ve been working.

Seattle gardeners are curbing their appetites. The city is encouraging the green-thumb set to plant veggies on parking strips. Those are the strips of grass between the sidewalk and the curb. The city has lifted the requirement for a permit for a strip garden. Gardener Jake Harris couldn’t wait to get his veggies in the ground. He tells The Seattle Times his mantra is “eat your yard.”  ***MARLAR: You have to wonder though if it’s really all that healthy to have a plentiful bounty of vegetables raised on exhaust fumes.

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