Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – October 27, 2010

A recent survey of more than 7,000 Americans shows that seven out of ten people would rather spend six months in Hades (Hell) than spend six months of their lives without television. ***MARLAR: Obviously, someone is not doing a very good job of telling people what Hell is really like! But then again, considering the new fall TV season, there may not be much of a difference.

A Christian coach at the University of Nebraska is not intimated and won’t back down, despite the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) attempts to stop him from sharing his faith at public schools. In fact, he is challenging Christian school administrators to take the same stand.  ACLU Nebraska is asking state school districts to ban speakers like Ron Brown, the Cornhusker assistant football coach who shares the gospel while delivering anti-drug and anti-alcohol messages.  ***MARLAR: What about when the school celebrates Religious Tolerance Week?  Can he show up THEN?

For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans (57%) say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.  ***MARLAR: Which means 57% of those listening to me now won’t believe a word I’ve just said.

The Texas State Board of Education has adopted a resolution that seeks to curtail references to Islam in Texas textbooks, as social conservative board members warned of what they describe as a creeping Middle Eastern influence in the nation’s publishing industry.  The board approved the one-page nonbinding resolution, which urges textbook publishers to limit what they print about Islam in world history books.  ***MARLAR: Key words, “nonbinding resolution” – meaning this entire story was a complete waste of time for me to report to you.

They say some people never learn — and 64-year-old Harold Goldstein of Southern California would be one of those people. Goldstein just wrapped up a seven year prison sentence for falsely claiming to be an attorney and representing clients in court. But just days after he was released he was at it again — pretending to be a lawyer again. So they gave him two more years in jail.  ***MARLAR: Wait a minute… first conviction gets him seven years, the second conviction for the same crime gets him only two years?  Wow – he may not be a lawyer but his results are improving!

A healthy baby girl was delivered in the women’s bathroom of a Winter Park, Colorado, McDonald’s.  Christel Short, whose baby was due a week earlier, said she entered McDonald’s with her husband and their 3-year-old son to use the restroom after feeling pain that she thought was indigestion. But Short said that once inside the bathroom, she felt an overwhelming urge to push despite the fact that her water had not yet broken. She was assisted in the delivery by her husband, a volunteer firefighter who happened to be in the restaurant, and two police officers who arrived soon after the baby began her entry into the world. The mother said they named the child Taylor Winterpark Short, with her middle name being a tribute to the town of her birth.  ***MARLAR: Regardless of what she walked in with, she walked out of that McDonald’s with a small fry.

It sounds like a Halloween story, and we’re skeptical, but they say this one is true.  A University of Florida scientist has grown a living “brain” – a group of 25,000 rat brain neurons – in a glass dish, and they are interacting via computer with an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator. It’s already “learned” how to control the pitch and roll of the jet in conditions ranging from blue skies to hurricane force winds.  ***MARLAR: Be looking for “FrankenRat” to be piloting your flight on Southwest Airlines soon.

See Kathleen Jensen run. And run and run and run. The Harristown, Ill., Elementary School Special Ed teacher has run a marathon in each of 50 states and Washington, D.C. She completed her feat of feet with the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon in Williamson, W.Va. Now, she has a new goal. Jensen tells the Decatur Herald & Review she wants to run a marathon in each continent.  ***MARLAR: Some teachers will do anything to run away from their students.

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