Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 02, 2009

o Today is ANOTHER LOOK UNLIMITED DAY.  Survey your possessions and give surplus items to charity.  You can take your stuff to places like the Salvation Army or other thrift stores and help those less fortunate than you!

o Today is NATIONAL BLUEBERRY POPSICLE DAY. ***MARLAR: Or “Blue Tongue Day” if you prefer.

Dutch museum officials are caught between a rock and a hard place — over a moon rock. The bit of stone was supposedly returned to Earth by Apollo astronauts. But museum officials now say their moon rock is a phony. An investigation by the national museum has revealed the prized possession is just piece of petrified wood. But the museum isn’t getting rid of its now debunked moon rock. It’s being kept as a curiosity. ***MARLAR: Wow – so maybe the whole lunar landing truly WAS a fake!

Are you ready for some Fantasy Football?  You might be — but your boss might like to call you for a penalty for wasting the company’s time. The employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimates companies lose up to 435 million dollars a week because of workers distracted by their virtual teams. ***MARLAR: Of course, keeping people from playing at the office is also a fantasy.

Authorities report a phony cop picked the wrong driver to try to pull over. Police on New York’s Long Island charge Luther Scott flashed an NYPD patch and tried to stop a real off-duty Suffolk County police officer. Authorities say Scott took off when he saw the officer’s genuine badge. But the off-duty officer took down the license plate number. Scott was busted and charged with criminal impersonation.  ***MARLAR: On the upside, spending all of this time at the precinct allows him to study real cops so he can improve for next time.

Talk about making a stink.  A grenade-shaped bottle left under a busy bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil, closed a major thoroughfare and brought police to investigate — only to discover that it contained French cologne.  The black bottle of Arsenal cologne by the design house of Gilles Cantuel looked realistic enough for police to halt rush-hour traffic Thursday morning.  The result was a three-mile traffic jam in South America’s biggest city — already known for its congested streets.  It wasn’t clear if the bottle was left as a practical joke or for more sinister reasons, police investigator Renato Fernandes told the Globo news Web site.  Police have made no arrests in the case.  ***MARLAR: They hope to soon tell someone that their cologne is “da bomb.” 

Nearby workers rescued an 18-year-old northeast Oregon man after he swatted one bee and was swarmed by others that stung him more than 200 times.  Zach Gray of LaGrande says he’s grateful to the men who picked him up in their truck, hosed off the bees and called 911. After six hours of emergency room treatment, he’s expected to make a full recovery.  Gray and Richard Mills, both engineering technicians for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, had stopped near the La Grande Air Tanker Base on Tuesday to lock a toolbox in their service vehicle.  When Gray was attacked, Mills tried to help but was also swarmed.  Northwood Manufacturing employees Daren Coon and Shannon Rogers rode to the rescue in their pickup truck, picking up Mills, then Gray. Coon says Gray was so covered by bees, “you couldn’t even see his face.”  Bee owner Keith Bobo says the hives had been stacked waiting for a truck to haul them to Washington. He says he doesn’t know why the bees were so aggressive.  ***MARLAR: Because he swatted Aunt Bee!

A half-hour of kissing reduces the body’s allergic reaction to pollen, according to Japanese researchers at Satou Hospital. How? Kissing relaxes the body and that reduces the production of histamine.  ***MARLAR: Question… how can you kiss for half an hour when you can’t breathe due to your pollen allergy? 

75-year-old Rose Griffin of Methuen, Massachusetts wants to make one thing very clear — she is not dead. Rose got a call from Joe Cataudella, co-owner of Cataudella Funeral Home, asking for her son. When she asked what the call was regarding, Joe said he was a funeral director trying to make arrangements for her son’s dead mother. Rose then said, “You’re talking to the dead person.” Turns out someone had played a “cruel prank” and left a message with the home’s answering service that Ms. Griffin had died. Rose, who’s a Wal-Mart greeter, joked that she expects to be around for some time because she’s mean and only the good die young.  ***MARLAR: She’s mean?  So how did she get the job of Wal-Mart greeter?

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