Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 05, 2009

o Today is BE LATE FOR SOMETHING DAY, sponsored by the Procrastinators’ Club of America.  ***MARLAR: Of course, they were supposed to send us this information last week. 


o Today is JURY RIGHTS DAY, marking the day in 1670 when William Penn’s jurors refused to convict him of preaching an illegal religion (Quakerism) to an unlawful assembly, his congregation. The action provided the bases for the U.S. Constitution’s first amendment rights of freedom of speech, religion, and peaceable assembly.

o PLAY DAYS are this week, a time to lighten up and laugh at work to reaffirm our humanity and our sanity.  ***MARLAR: So thanks for joining the show!

It’s not a very pretty sight. Men in heels. Several hundred guys put themselves in women’s shoes – literally. They wore high heels for a mile walk around the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The idea is to raise awareness and money to fight domestic violence. The guys were given the option of trading their high heels for flip-flops at the quarter-mile mark for a ten buck donation. Jeff Sherman stuck it out. But he says his wife walked beside him, laughing the whole way.  ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t your wife laughing at you, work against curbing domestic violence?

Leonardo Di Vinici could draw with one hand and at the same time write with the other. ***MARLAR: Boy, you’d think if he could do all that he would have been able to paint a couple of eyebrows on the Mona Lisa.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has admitted to a newspaper that 54 night shift workers at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant have been exposed to radioactive gas. ***MARLAR: The situation has been remedied, as Mexican food is no longer allowed inside the plant.

You can help the environment by cutting red meat from your diet and instead eating chicken, fish or vegetables. While the green crowd has urged people to buy more locally produced food because it requires less fuel for shipping, a new study has found you can help the environment even more by skipping red meat. According to a new study, the production of red meat is nearly 150 percent more greenhouse-gas-intensive than chicken or fish. The good news for beef lovers is that even if you skip it just one day a week you’ll eliminate more greenhouse gasses than you would by buying all your food from local sources. ***MARLAR: So I can shop locally or give up prime rib.  Hmm… I guess gas prices aren’t THAT bad. 

Don’t stare at the chimps! That’s the new rule posted at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium. Of course, you can’t feed them, either. Zoo officials are particularly concerned about a male chimp named Cheetah. They worry that people staring at Cheetah will prevent him from bonding with the other apes at the park. He was raised by humans, but the zoo keepers say Cheetah is now making contact with others of his kind. ***MARLAR: So, in other words, go ahead and pay the big bucks to get into the zoo – but whatever you do, DON’T LOOK AT THE ANIMALS!

When christening a ship, instead of using champagne, the Vikings would sacrifice a human being.  ***MARLAR: The custom started when some Vikings tried to break a bottle of champagne against the side of a vessel and the ship’s builder said, “Over my dead body.”

The use of secret codes in wartime is almost as old as recorded history. We know, for example, that Julius Caesar used them. ***MARLAR: Even private companies use them.  How else can you explain why instructions are so complicated to put together a child’s bicycle?

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