Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 13, 2009

A Kern County, California, couple were ticketed for jaywalking because one of their chickens allegedly impeded traffic by wandering onto the highway.  ***MARLAR: They’re still trying to figure out why the chicken crossed the road.

What’s the one universal thing almost every human being is looking for? Something to bring meaning to their lives, right? 21-year-old Matt Robison of Ottawa, Illinois has found the secret. He sat for a 14-hour piercing session in which he received 1,016 skin piercings. Not only did he eclipse the previous Guinness Book record, Matt said, “Now I feel like I’ve done something memorable with my life.”  ***MARLAR: And he’ll be reminded every time he walks through a metal detector. 

Police in Omaha, Nebraska thought they had a child abandonment case when a woman called to report that a woman she didn’t know had driven up, handed her a baby boy and a diaper bag, and left. But no charges were filed because it turned out the woman was the baby’s grandmother, and she thought she was dropping the baby off at a day care but had the wrong address. ***MARLAR: Since when do daycare centers have a drive-thru?

The folks behind the first three Spiderman movies say they plan to make three more films for a total of six Spidey movies.  ***MARLAR: Six?!?  There won’t be any villains left!  They’ll have to make stuff up, like taking down Peter Parker’s boss for docking him 15-minutes of pay…

Get this… the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the “Love Your Neighbor Corporation” of Michigan has sued the “Love Thy Neighbor Fund Incorporated” of Florida for trademark infringement. ***MARLAR: You can’t make that stuff up.

Louisiana environmental groups are coming under scrutiny for working to prevent the strengthening of levees because they claimed levees prevent the formation of wetlands.  ***MARLAR: Uh . . . do they not REMEMBER Katrina?

A new study by the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says that diabetes is most likely to be found in fat people.  ***MARLAR: How much did they pay for that study?

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